SFGAm 6-08-02, Not crowded, but dissapointing

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The weather was nice and was sunny so we were expecting a big crowd. We arrived at 10:00am and surprisingly it was easier to get in the park than on Memorial Day weekend.

We went to get our fastlane once we got there. We went to Deja Vu and my friends got scared and they made an excuse that the line was too long so we left. One of my friends hasn't been to SFGAm since 1999 and she was nervous and she didn't want to start on Deja Vu, so I respected that.

We were going to go on Viper when we realized people were leaving the line, so we assumed it was closed. We then went to Raging Bull. What surprised me was they had a 3 train operation going in the morning. Usually when I go they don't put the 3rd train on till later. We waited for front row and my friend's screams was music to my ears. It was a great ride with some good airtime.

We then noticed Viper was open so we went in line. We went to the second and third to last row. I love this ride and I kept my lap bar a lot off my lap. It helped me fly out of my seat.

We then ate lunch in farmers market.

Next onto AE backwards. My brother was complaining that he had to digest his food still so I said "That's what the line is for," so we went on. My friend and I took the last row to leave the station. This ride is so bumpy but I love it.

After, we went to play DDR(dance dance revolution) in the Southwest Territory arcade. A long walk. We decided to go to V2 right after. It was closed but they had people in line and they were running it with the people on it. This was odd to me. I heard someone ask why the other people got to ride it and the security gaurd said "after all the people ride it, the ride needs to be checked out, something may be wrong."

So we went to Deja Vu. We were in line and when some people were on it, it went backwards about 15 feet and it stalled. They let it go from the spot it stalled on, so it went really slowly through the station. The people got off and we waited because this is the ride I waited for all day. After about 45minutes enough people left so we could be in the station. We went into the front row line and we were going to be the 2nd front row train. They started testing it 15minutes after we got into the station. They tested it 7 times. And on the 8th test run, it stalled in the same spot. Luckily they got it going again faster than before. They tested it 6 more times, for a total of 13 testruns. They let people in line againg and we were ready to go. When the first train of people went on, the ride didn't move. It broke down again. We had already waited and hour and a half and my friends were tired of waiting so we left the line.

We went toV2 and yet again it was closed and people were still riding it.

We decided to go to Raging Bull. We used the fastlane and we went on in5 minutes on the 8th row. This ride is better in the back because it gives way more airtime.

It was 6:30 now and we had to leave. All I said was "I better not see Deja Vu testing before I leave the park or I will be mad." Luckily I didn't see it test but I felt sorry for my friend and brother who had to pay to get in and were not able to ride V2 or Deja Vu. Thoses 2 rides are the reason they wanted to go.

It was a very nice day and not at all crowded but very dissapointing since we were not able to ride V2 or Deja Vu. I have been on them but my friends haven't.

V2 can't be compared to any of the rides in SFGAm!The Vertical Drop was amazing!

Sorry you missed out on V2 and Deja Vu.


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If you bring them again, take them on V2 first, or it won't be as thrilling as it should be. Deja Vu makes V2 almost look like a kiddie ride. Hopefully crowds are light, tommorow, too. I'm going then.

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Less than 2 weeks until SFGAm opens!

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