SFGAm 5.28.03

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The day started out fine. I left a little later than usual, to time myself with the 9:15 - 9:20 opening of the parking lot gates. I got to the park at about 9:15 and waited about 5 minutes for the gates to open. Then, I went into the park after the Nation Anthem. On the way to Superman, I noticed a 'Line Now Forming' sign, with items about not allowing carry-on items during the ride and such.

Superman: Ultimate Flight
Of course, the 'money seat' is in Row 8. I noticed on my second time around that people tend to go for Row 1 or the front rows. I couldn't notice during the ride without my glasses on, but going out of the Exit and later on Condor, I noticed grass or perhaps 'mock' Green Kryptonite at the bottom of the pretzel loop(hugging the ground).

Batman: The Ride
This time, Row 1 is my Row of choice. Nothing special to say, except that B:TR is still one of the best rides in the park.

Viper x 2
Got in a few rides on Viper today. It's always fun when you ride behind someone's who's riding for the first time. Nothing special to say here either, except Viper still delivers.

Demon x 6
Got in a 4-ride mini marathon in towards the beginning of the day. My last ride of the day was on Demon at 2:25 pm. The time of 2:25 pm will come to mean something later in this TR. I rode in the front car during one of my rides, and that's where I got the most 'headbanging' effect.

American Eagle: Blue x 3
I read on here that only Blue runs during the weekdays. Still, AE:Blue still packs in some great airtime.

Whizzer x 2
It's great to see people still enjoy Whizzer, especially the young kids.

Rue Le Dodge

Side Notes:
One of the Demon ride-ops actually remembered me when I came back later in the day(for the 2:25 pm ride). He suggested that I might as well take a nap during my mini-marathon, and it did not seem like a bad idea. The Whizzer ride-ops were great as well.

Deja Vu is still SBNO with no train. I saw two gentlemen working on the canopies at Deja Vu; whether setting them up or taking them down, I don't know. On my way back from American Eagle, the crew doubled to four workers, but all they seemed to be doing was talking amongst themselves. The canopies were still there at that time.

Overall, the park crew/ride-ops were great. However, during my last 2 visits to the park, I've noticed that it's hard to crack a smile out of the Ticket-person at the front gates. All in all, not a bad day at SFGAm.

Oh, that thing about 2:25 pm. Actually, it all starts at 2:30 pm. Let the terrential downpour begin. I have never been at SFGAm during a downpour like this, and boy, is it a great sight to see. Almost immediately, all rides were shutting down until further notice. I managed to get under the roof at the Sweet Shop. As people passed by, it was fun to watch the boys and girls 'slip-slide' head first into the ground or 'row' across in the puddles. Most people were running for shelter, while others decided to take the 'splash' effect. I waited for about 30 minutes under the Sweet Shop, until I could make a clean break without too much downpour out of the park. The roadways weren't that much more fun, as in Chicago, drivers seem to be more 'crazy' when conditions are adverse. Photos and videos of this 'splish-splash' at SFGAm and other Kodak moments to come soon.

I was also there on the 28th(today). We were in row 8 on the first train of the day. What train did you make it on? We were the three college guys who acted a little too nerdy. Oh, and leaving wasn't a good idea, we were able to get in 9 rides on S:UF from 6:46-8:00, there was NO ONE left in the park.

If you haven't rode Raging Bull in the back row you haven't lived.
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