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Sunday, May 27, 2001 5:17 PM
Today I got to the park at about 10/10:30 ish. The weather sucked and it was raining but me and my friends still decided to go. On the not running list for the day was Deja Vu (duh) Yankee clipper (Who cares) and V2. (WHAT?!) I was soo mad but later I became happy. When we first got in the park we headed for Raging Bull. 30 minute wait, back row, sweet as always. After that the Giant Drop opened so we walked on. That ride still freaks me out. After the Giant Drop we decided to go to the Batman and check out V2. When we got there, we saw a huge crowd around V2. It was supposedly supposed to be opening soon, so we went in line for the Batman. It was about 45 minutes. (Since it had gotten crowded since the sun came out and it was nice). After the Batman, we checked out V2. IT WAS RUNNING! So, my friends and I got in the looong line and waited it out. What I realized was it's not just the little maze for V2, the line goes on and througha bridge too. We waited 30 minutes, and I got into the second row. Oh my god does that ride kick ***. Especially when it holds you up the second tower. After that it started to pour so we waited it out under the Eagle. Then we went back on V2, (A 2 hour wait. They kept having malfunctions) This time I sat in the back. I peprsonally liked it better than the front. Then we headed for Shockwave, which the line took waaaay too long because they had to put in a new train and they didn't know what they were doing. Then we left.

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