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Wednesday, May 22, 2002 7:28 PM

I was eager to do my first coasting in over seven months, though I knew it would be a short day. My buddy had to leave at 12:30, and I could stay no longer than 1:30. We headed to the park at 10:30, only to find the Washington Street entrance closed. Bad sign #1. At the Grand Avenue entrance, we followed 3 or 4 schoolbuses into the park. Bad sign #2.

The following is my evaluation of the coasters/attractions I visited during the day.


1. American Eagle backwards -- When we arrived at the park, I had the instinct to depart from my "Viper first" tradition and head straight to V2, knowing its propensity to break down. However, my buddy and I decided to head over to the big white beast. We waited just over 5 minutes for the front (back) seat. Only the blue (backward) side was running (two trains).The first drop is killer! I also liked the sensation of being pinned against the seat during "airtime". It was great because it was different. Still, it's hard to say that backwards is better than forwards. I loved it because it was different, but after a few more backwards rides, I'll be ready for forwards again.

2. V2: Vertical Velocity: Headed over to V2 and found a wait that extended just past the stairs. Headed towards the back, and after about three minutes (and two cars away from boarding) the infamous "this ride has temporarily ceased operation" recording came on. What a shocker. Waited 5-10 minutes, then heard the station go quite as the ride "turned off". Disgusted, we headed out of line. Same old, same old.

3. Raging Bull -- We headed over to Southwest Territory to ride Viper, but the line extended almost back to the zig-zag element of the line. My friend then proclaimed: "If I'm gonna wait for a ride, it's gonna be Bull." And wait we did. We waited an HOUR for this ride and its two train operation. Last season, I came during this same week and Bull had walk-ons all day. Ridiculous. We rode second to last row, and it was excellent. Forgot how sweet that ride is. However, as the ride hit its final brake run, I turned to my buddy to praise the ride, and pulled a muscle in my back! Immediately, I knew my day of coasting was over. I headed across the Grand Avenue to Little Caesars and TCBY to console myself after a somewhat disappointing couple of hours at the park.

Monuments/Statues/Lawn Ornaments:

1. DV Monument-- Performed its role well today. I must say that I was struck by the beauty of the blue/green contrast, particularly from the Bull and Eagle's drops. I think it looks its finest from Washington Street, where it appears to be the tallest structure in the park. Nevertheless, I can't give it my highest honors because of the unsightly wooden platform which is being built next to it.

Overall, a subpar say at the park. However, I still look forward to subsequent visits in the next few weeks.

Thursday, May 23, 2002 4:44 PM
What? Wooden platform? What part of ride?(stupid question, only one spot left on that ride with no platform under it ;) )
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