SFGAm 5/17/03 Coaster Buzz Con

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Today wasn't the greatest day. Thursday, I got some really bad flu, so my mom would only let me stay for the ERT. They were having some problems right before they let us in because I could hear the reboot siren. They fixed it pretty quickly and it opened right on time.

It was fun to look at all the GP who had to wait until 10.

I ended up getting 8 rides on Superman today. Superman almost had a perfect morning but broke down at 9:56. It took 30 minutes for them to fix it. I'm just glad I wasn't stuck on the brake run. Once they had it fixed, I went on it one more time in the back row. When I got off, I saw the mechanics unloading musical rocks.

Due to the breakdown, the group photo got messed up.

The ride ops were really good during ERT, hardly any stacking. Superman's entrance is finished. I only had to take one 10 minute break, which is pretty good considering just playing RCT made me sick yesterday.

They haven't made any progress on Deja Vu.

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I was stuck on the brake run - anyone know how long we were REALLY stuck? No one around me on the train knew, and I've heard accounts from 10 minutes up to 1/2 hour (I don't think we were up there for that long, but who knows...you tend to lose track of time when you're facing the ground/brake platform and hanging in a sling....)

"Thanks for stoppin' by you guys....Thanks for breaking my cow lamp"
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About 15 minutes.

CBCon Quote "We didn't even get wet"......30 seconds later you hear plop, then splash!!!!

It sure felt longer! my shins still are sore...

Not as sore as my collarbones/chest is from the stapling on v2, though ;) ;)

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