SFGAm 5/17/03: CBuzzCon!

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Oh man, today was great. Superman ERT was awesome. Only got in about 10 rides total, but I doubt my group could've taken much more of that pretzel loop (man that was intense!).

I know I recognized several CBuzzers... Chitown, STchick, Gregleg, KickTheSky, some Stealth guy, some lurker, and Steph.

As for the other rides:

American Eagle: I was rather impressed, as they were racing the two trains. I was surprised at how truly little of the helix was retracked, but was pleased with that portion.

Viper: Seemed a little slow today.

Raging Bull: Eventually ran 3 trains; very good capacity kept lines short.

As for CBC: I'd like to thank the Putzes (that sounds so rude!) for everything they did to organize the event.

Props to Steph for getting the photos all done and being entertaining at the same time! :)

My only disappointment was that I didn't really get to talk to many of you at all. Hopefully I can make up for that at a CBuzzCon in the future!

Thanks again, my group had a great time. CoasterBuzz rocks!
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Glad you had a good time. That was my first visit to Six Flags Great America, and I was very impressed. Thanks to Jeff and Stephanie, and the park, for their efforts in making such a great time possible. I'll post more later, after I've gotten some sleep.

--Greg, aka Oat Boy
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Could that "some lurker" you're referring to be me?

I'm the blond guy that was with Greg/Steph/Kara most of the day - My name's Josh...I'm not really a lurker - I DO post every once in a while.


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Nah.. I met some guy on Raging Bull. Wasn't blonde, sorry!
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Ok...Just checking.

The label of "some lurker" doesn't seem like a good one. lol


We can't buy more time, cause time won't accept our money. -Bad Religion

Was that stealth Guy in a CoasterBuzz Polo Shirt?

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