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I wrote a trip report already this year so these are just a few new observations.

- The park is now playing the Venga Boys song all over the place now. I used to like the song and the commerical before today...

- Jesters Wild Ride and Big Easy Balloons were both open. I have to say both are tame but both very fun. The ops were really good and very friendly. Big props on those. Those Rockin Tugs should be in every park.

- Ride ops are kicking butt on capacity. They were running three minute cycles on Deja Vu while I waited in line today for it. V2 was also cranking out the peeps. Raging Bull was rarely stacking with three trains the two times I rode it. Viper wasnt stacking at all.

- Is it me or is the Mardi Gras parade getting bigger every weekend? I think they pulled out two extra floats over what they had last weekend and opening weekend was a handful of cars and street performers.

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They were playing just the Venga Boys music? Or did they still have some of the old music?
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THey are piping the Venga music in by speakers located throughout the park. This is placed in the dead music spots where themed area music doesnt penetrate so for example when you are getting off of Raging Bull you get Venga Boys. When you are standing by the bathrooms in SW Territory you get Venga Boys, etc...

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How close is Ragin Cajun to being finished? I'd really love to ride it when I'm there in 2 weeks.

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Track looks pretty much done. There was one car on the track. The station looks far from completion yet. I honestly dont think it will be ready in two weeks but it might happen. I fully expect King Chaos to be open, however. It looked like they were getting it ready for testing with water dummies.

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Is this Chaos unit going to include a water spray similar to the one at WoF or is it a "dry" version? I was there a couple weeks ago and couldn't really tell.

There were originally trying to have Ragin Cajun ready for a media day this Thursday (05/20). I wonder if that is still even a possibility?

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Yes, King Chaos will have a water spray.

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Are you certain King Chaos is going to have water interacting with the ride itself and not just acting as a decoration in front of it (like at Dorney Park)? Because from what I can tell, it doesn't look like you're going to get wet on the ride.


I hope they arent playing the music noted in Southwest Terr. that would take away from the western theme of the area.
Well, it apprears as though it will because of the fountain in front of it. I don't think SFGAm would spend the money on it and not at least use it for the ride.

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Those jets never interact with the Topspin; they're simply there for looks. I think it's quite feasable that SFGAm would spend money on something "just for looks." After all, isn't that what theming is?


Im still confused, so they just play the Venga Boys in some areas? Do they have it in South West Territory?
They have it everywhere :( But not all the time :)

They play it every so minutes. In between they play the regular music

Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up.
The song is now being piped throughout the park but not continuously.

People enjoy the song so it makes sense.

If you want a t-shirt with the old guy on it, they have them available at FLAGS at the front of the park. They also made these old guy shirts exclusive to the park because they all say Six Flags Great America on them.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Well, i for one dont enjoy the music/the old guy or the commericals which would do nothing to make me want to visit a park!!!!
Well, you are in the minority then.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

True, if the commercials were doing nothing SF wouldn't keep airing it.

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I didnt realize when you said,
"This is placed in the dead music spots where themed area music doesnt penetrate so for example when you are getting off of Raging Bull you get Venga Boys."

how litteral this was. There is a speaker on the stairs for bull leading up to the station that appears to be for bull announcements that had the song blasting when I got off a few days ago. *** Edited 5/20/2004 3:31:37 PM UTC by onceler***

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It's actually kind of funny in some spots because you can kinda hear it but you arent sure that it's that song until you get right up on the speaker. One place where that occurs is right between Richocet and the bathrooms next to it. The Southwest Territory music there is pretty loud but you can hear the Venga boys music if you are standing in front of the bathrooms but only barely. If you walk towards Richocet it gets louder because they put a speaker right behind the fence of Ricochet thats pointing right at the bathrooms.

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