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Saturday, May 18, 2002 7:59 PM

Ahhh, finally after almost a year of nothing to live for, the day came for me to set off to go coastering. If you were there and saw the shirt that said Deja Vu or bust, that was me. Me and one of my best friends arrived at the park at 9:15. She thinks I'm crazy because of how early we got there, but I have my reasons. We got in and waited for the chain to drop while watching the top towers of Deja Vu in the distance. The chains dropped and we set off to get our Fast Lane before we went to Deja Vu. We got to Deja Vu and unfortunately, the lift was malfunctioning (big surprise) and in relation to my shirt, we busted, the ride did not open. We promptly headed to Raging Bull and I rode it in the back for the first time. The ride climbed to my number 2 spot (after Apollo's Chariot) from my number 7. We then rode the Giant Drop, which for the first time that I've ridden it, there was a 3-4 minute wait. Wanting to avoid the crowds, we returned back to my normal "loop" and went to ride Shockwave. First ride, anything and everything that I expected, running very smooth, great ride. Went on, skipped Batman and used our first Fast Lane on V2 in which we got the front seat, which while it was good, not as good as I remembered. We skipped over Iron Wolf because my friend has a lot of ear piercings. I began to get chest pain and pressure so I ate something (I really hope there isn't something wrong, I'll void warnings about coasters if there is) and it went away. Not missing a beat, we went to ride Eagle backwards. Unfortunately, I felt it was really running unintensely today and I felt almost NO g variation so it was the 2nd disappointment of the day. Next was Demon which I have not ridden since 1999 and I rode the back seat and was surprised by the intensity, great ride! Whizzer was running on the down side today, but I'm not going to complain, cause it was running. I don't care what anybody says, that ride is just plain FUN! I had to ride Viper again, this time in the back seat. I never wanted to wait that long for the back, but everybody said it was SOOO much better. God were they ever right. The surprise of the day! While I had experienced airtime on the ride before, it was never gut wrenching. Today however, in the back seat, my stomach was in my throat so much I almost choked on it. The ride was absolutely spectacular outdoing American Eagle Backwards by a mile. Raging Bull again this time with Fast Lane, front seat (for my friend, she wanted the view.) Still better airtime then I had every experienced on the front seat, running excellent today, hopefully for the rest of the year! Went all the way back to Batman and used our Fast Lane on that and met some nice people from Virginia. Great ride, gets me every time, I personally like it more than Alpengiest (hope I don't get yelled at for that one!) I couldn't help myself, I just had to get another ride on RB, it was SO great today! Backseat, farthest to the left, THE BEST coaster ride I have EVER experienced! WOW, can't even explain it, now my number one coaster. I am one of those lucky people who's favorite coaster happens to be at their home park. I had to ride Iron Wolf though to complete my record for the day which ended up being the mistake of the day. You see, it was cold out today, it didn't get above 45 degrees I don't think and when your zooming on a coaster, it feels A LOT colder! My ears were hurting from the cold and when I went to ride Iron Wolf, my ears banged so much that they hurt the rest of the day. I never noticed the roughness on that ride before, now I know what you guys are talking about. We went back again and I rode Shockwave one last time and we rode the observation tower just to end the day good. Overall the park really was only moderately busy, I was VERY happy with the Fast Lane, I felt it was the best purchase of the day. Other rides included Space Shuttle America, Giant Drop again, and uhh, that's it, my friend doesn't like spinny rides :( o well, great day, it could have only been better if that wonderful piece of scenery would operate effectively and they wouldn't test it for six hours waiting for it to break down and then let it just sit in the station hoping a night of sleep will let it work tomorrow. Was anybody else there today?

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Sunday, May 19, 2002 8:59 AM
Great TR! You should break up your TR into more paragraphs so more will read and respond. Deja Vu had to be down cause of the cold.

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Sunday, May 19, 2002 1:56 PM
i didn't know that they started to use fast lane on batman...

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