SFGAm 5-18-01

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Friday, May 18, 2001 7:19 PM
Today I went to SFGAm for Trills and Thrills, a music competiton thing. It was also physics day. We got to the park at around 1 and headed right to Raging Bull. It was a 45 minute wait. The ride was great. I rode in the back row with some of my friends and it was great. Major airtime. Then we headed over to Batman and it was a about a 35 minute wait. While we were standing in line Vertical Velocity opened! It looked amazing. THe line was wayyy to long, It extended all the way back to Iron Wolf. It was a 4 hour wait. So anyway the new harnesses on Batman were great. I rode in like the 5th row. Then we headed to Iron Wolf. About an hour wait for the front row. It was an amazing ride. I didn't get banged around at all and it was just incredible riding in the front. After that we headed over to American Eagle, the worst ride in the park. They still have the damn mid course brakes. Only the red train was open for some reason. It was an hour wait and we got in the second last row. Moderate air time. It was a major waste of time, it sucked major. Then we headed back to Bull for one last ride because the park was closing. This time I sat in 4th row. It was great! It was incredibly smooth and it was a 15 minute wait. As soon as we were done we had to go. It sucked because it was 5:30 and by then it was a walk on. Anyway, Shockwave was closed. I am going again sunday with my temple so I'll post on how that goes. Any questions just buzz me.


PS: Eagle is not running backwards on one train. They also took the camera down from Batman for some reason. Batman seemed so much better this year than last year. IF anyone was there for physics day and rode V2 let us know how it was!!

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