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Saturday, April 20, 2002 7:59 PM

Sometimes I am embarassed to call this my "homepark" but then I see something that changes my mind, just for a moment.

It was bitterly cold today and was a little more crowded than I had been told it would be. But that's been covered already...I have been at SFGAm on colder days, but this one was windy and that made it REALLY cold for the last ride of the day on RB. When you can't feel your lips and it's not from marathoning Magnum for hours, you KNOW it's cold. But that's Chicago for you. 90 degrees one day and 40 the next. Oh well.

Got 2 rides on V2 by 11 AM. My BF was instanly addicted to it, going back for the second one IMMEDIATELY after the first. I vastly prefer the back of this ride, but he and our two companions liked the front. Oh well, to each his own.

Then we headed to RB. Back row as always. The BF and one companion had not ridden this yet so they were in for a treat. RB is EASILY the most comfortable coaster I have ever ridden. If MF had THOSE seats, it would be beyond perfect. I want one of the RB seats for my TV room. I can just see it...a beer, a remote, a RB seat...it;s all good.

This brings me to the shining moment of the day. Right behind us in line was a mom and her little boys. The one boy wanted NO part of this ride. He was slouching to NOT be tall enough, he was crying and screaming that he didn't want to do this. She FORCED him onto the train anyways. They were on the same train as us. Then we noticed a ride op let the kid off the train. YAY! Nice to see someone notice this. The kid OBVIOUSLY didn't want to ride but his Mom was forcing him to!! It was VERY hard for me NOT to say anything to her.

Hit Viper next. Great as always. Stand-up air. 'Nuff said.

Time for lunch. Hit the Mooseburger place. Line is VERY long. Find a table. Wait for friends to get food. While waiting, listen to the stupid talking moose for 45 minutes. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET RID OF THE MOOSE!! Or at least break the dang button that makes it talk!! Sheesh!!

hit Eagle backwards and forwards. Never thought I'd see a longer line for the Blue side than the Red, but it happened today. Decided I don't like it backwards. it was cool and all, but it makes the first drop feel like its WAAAAYYY short. I like to see where I'm going, I guess.

Hit Whizzer. Love this ride. BF had to leave for another event. Time to pound them out. Friends go on Shockwave. I sit this one out because I am NOT ready for the day to be over yet.

Go back to V2. She goes down as soon as we hit the platform. That was me jumping up and down and screaming DAMMI* DAMMI* DAMMI* for about 5 minutes. We leave cos we would rather have quantity over quality at this point.

On to Demon. LOVE my Demon. Possibly my fave ride of all time. Has a life of her own, ya know? I never get tired of riding it. Red train, back seat. Would have preferred the Death Train, but heck, who cares? Its 40 degrees and we're INSANE!

Time for Batman. Front row. Forgot how good this is. Need I say more?

Decide to try for one more RB, in front. We get our wish. The ride op agreed with my comment about wanting one of those chairs in my house. Hehehehehe. Askes me about my CP-laden jacket. Says he wants to get out there to ride MF. We tell him it is worth the trip. This exchange takes 2 minutes and thus we miss the lasdt Viper of the day. Heck, we miss the last EVERYTHING of the day.

All in all, an OK trip. Sunny most of the day. Got some good sun/windburn on my face. Can't complain. Man, am I gonna SLEEP tonight!!!

Just call me MPG...

Monday, April 22, 2002 6:32 PM


I was running RB this day and a parent tried to force their child on the ride, and I helped him off (they shouldnt try to force them on like that), then later in the day I said something to a woman in the front row about wanting one of the seats in my house...was I talking to you or was this a total coincedence? A guy with spiky hair? hehe

Glad you had fun! It was REAL cold with that wind!

SFGAm Viper

Monday, April 22, 2002 9:01 PM

Why would you be embaressed to call SFGAm your home park? SFGAm is one of the best Six Flags Parks and I think its right up there with Cedar Point so I don't see why you would be embaressed to call it your homepark.

My Top 5 Coasters:
1. Raging Bull(SFGAm) 2.Millenium Force(CP) 3. Deja Vu(SFGAm) 4.V2(SFGAm) 5.Cornball Express(IB)http://coasterworld.cjb.net

Monday, April 22, 2002 9:05 PM
How did you get to go to Great America on the 20th?? The park is not even open to the public till May 4th. Unless this was a private function... I am just curious.

X Looks Awesome! Oh Yea!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002 6:10 AM
Yes, it was a private buyout by Advocate Healthcare.

"The Peoples Elbow" or "The Spinaroonie?. Cant decide which is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment!!! LOL

Tuesday, April 23, 2002 4:20 PM

SFGAm Viper said:


I was running RB this day and a parent tried to force their child on the ride, and I helped him off (they shouldnt try to force them on like that), then later in the day I said something to a woman in the front row about wanting one of the seats in my house...was I talking to you or was this a total coincedence? A guy with spiky hair? hehe

Glad you had fun! It was REAL cold with that wind!

SFGAm Viper


You were so dang cool to let that kid off. We have already written to SFGAM and tell them how great that was. You ROCK! I am a firm believer in NOT forcing your kids to ride.

Cool to have "met" you!! I'll be back for lots o' Bull action later on in the year.

Just call me MPG...

Tuesday, April 23, 2002 4:25 PM

I was there with MPG on Saturday. Here's my take on my first visit to SFGA.

Deja Vu was closed. DRAT!

First up: V2. The back 2 cars were closed (I don't know why) so I rode in the third-to last car. Never have ridden an LIM before. WOW. I LOVED the "hangtime" you get on the 2nd trip up the back spike! We immediately rode it again. Very front car. Going up the twist is unforgettable! Holy SMOKES! A FANTASTIC ride, no matter where you sit.

Next up: Raging Bull. My favorite ride in this park. We sat in the very back seats (my favorite spot on a rollercoaster). It is an odd sensation to watch the cars in front of you drop away one by one. I LOVED this one. Later we rode The Bull again sitting in the very front cars. WOW again. Some of the best air time of any 'coaster.

We took in (in no particular order):

Viper - among the best woodies I've ever ridden. 2 laps. Air time for DAYS.

Demon - very under rated for a little corkscrew. Fun. 1 lap.

Eagle - Blue car BACKWARDS - WOO HOO! Red car forwards. Cool 'coaster. 1 lap each direction.

Whizzer - The most charming little rollercoaster I've ever ridden. LOVED the lift-hill. According to my companions (who have been there many times before), it's been repainted and reupholstered. 1 lap.

Batman - Like every other Batman I've ridden. Always fun. This has the distinction of being the first time I've ever ridden on the front cars. 1 lap.

Shockwave - At Magic Mountain in So. Cal. they call this "Viper". But, "Viper", if I recall (it's been about 3 years) is taller, with bigger loops, and MUCH smoother. This one practically beat the hell out of me! I didn't really like it. Once is enough. 1 lap.

The carousels have been refinished, according to my companions. The paint job on the double-decker carousel is not finished yet.

We ate at the only indoor place that was open. The Moose place. I can live without ever hearing that Moose again! Great Burgers. Long wait, tho.

I unfairly compared this Park to Cedar Point over on GTTP. It is a nice Park, and I did have a great time. A lot crammed into a little space. Good 'coasters. I just LOVE CP so much! Even though I live in Illinois now after 22 years of So. Cal. and Magic Mountain, I call CP my "home" Park.

Would I return to Great America? You bet! ANYTIME! I NEED to ride that Bull again!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002 5:45 PM
Hey, sounds like a great trip report!! Raging Bull is a great ride and I am glad to see that you had a great time :-)!
Wednesday, April 24, 2002 1:28 PM
I will always call SFGAm my homepark, even though I am disappointed with some decisions over the years. Memories are all I have of my favorite rides there (*cough*Tidal Wave), so I must continue to visit with hopes that they won't remove anything else! For those of you that want to look back, here's a great site Steven Wilson (from Rides Towers & more) is starting:
Brad Sherman
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