SFGAm 30 year old tollway sign is about to go high tech.

The original Marriott tollway sign that has stood since the park opened in 1976 along the tollway adjacent to the park is about to get a serious makover. The base of the sign will still remain but the top will be replaced with a new modern Six Flags sign along with a high tech video display to advertise the park along with sponsors 24/7.

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My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I completely forgot about the tollway. We avoided it both times going to the park from Waukegan. We also "found" the back entrance which runs under American Eagle on the second day. There's only one tollbooth, but it does let you avoid traffic coming from the other direction.
That's crap. They need advertising to pay for the sign. Well, if you can't afford a sign, maybe you shouldn't be running an amusement park.
^Why does this suprise you, sports teams have been doing this for years, why should theme parks be any different?

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millrace said:
That's crap. They need advertising to pay for the sign. Well, if you can't afford a sign, maybe you shouldn't be running an amusement park.

You can convince other companies to pay for your sign? Maybe you should be running an amusement park, it's easy money.

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Millrace, what would you expect from a guy who owns a sports team (Snyder that is)? It's not called FedEx field for nothing.
Forget that he owns a sports team, Danny boy made all this money via a marketing business.

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This isn't surprising news. I actually thought that this would have happened sooner. Not like it really matters though because it's not like this is going to change much inside the park. I mean you might see more advertisements but everybody should be used to that seeing that advertisements are everywhere you look these days.

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millrace said:
They need advertising to pay for the sign.

Even if they did somehow dedicate 100% of the added revenue to the cost of the new sign, it would pay itself off in not a very long time.

I like the old Marriott sign. It just needs a good overhaul and needs to lose the Time-Warner era logo and it can be good again.

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That sign looks very much inspired by the SFNO sign that was pretty much destroyed by the storm (saw a picture of it elsewhere).

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Nothing beats the sign for PKD. That thing is enormous!

Getting a company to pay for the sign? I wonder if I can get a company to sponsor my car?

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