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Warning: This is my first trip report so bear with.

We got there a little later around 10:25. I was hoping for 9:50 but who cares. The park was empty I have never expierienced the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I chose at a sixflags themepark before. Added to the fact it was my fourteenth birthday all in all I had a great time.

The first thing we did was decide to quickly hop on whizzer. Nice ride, brisk and cold in the morning, but overall a very nice ride. 9/10

Next it was onto Deja-Vu. Now I have never ridden it without waiting under an hour. So waiting ten minutes for the front seat was completely surreal. Again Cold winds. But an awesome ride. 10/10. (Note: Later in the day while heading over to demon I noticed two men with earpieces and "la rescue" patches on. I could not contain my laughter as I noticed they were standing there waiting for deja-vu to valley.)

After that It was onto viper. I rode 1-3 twice in a row. Awesome. 10/10

Next it was Raging Bull, Row 9 Right Seat. Airtime galore. 10/10 I went on another time after that infront. Some minimal laterals but a good ride overall. 7/10

After this a quick spin on Chubasco and It was onto lunch at the mooseburger lodge.

On the way there, We made the mistake of riding iron wolf. The ride layout is awesome. Those restraints are evil. I had a slight headache and was unable to walk straight for about ten minutes. 6/10 due to roughness.

After exiting iron wolf or as the ride op said it "eye ron-wolf" We(My, Brother and I) Meandered over to the mooseburger lodge.

I rate the food 7/10 but at that price who can complain.An interesting tidbit: There is a button near the statues for the moose(I don't know his name.) And The bear(same as above) if you press the button the statues will say a loop of different jingles and comic banters between the nonanimatronic figures. Well anyway there was a 3 or 4 year old who would periodically press the button every time that it stopped. The loop was fun at first, but after hearing it about 20 times I was ready to start shooting. Finally we left and it was on to batman. 8/10. Again pretty cold. But awesome.

Then it was V2 9/10. Did anyone else notice the Ice Mountain Splash boats behind V2?

We then proceeded to batman once more or should I say twice more. It was really starting to warm up. both rides 9/10

After That We headed over to Raging Bull again. 9/10

After that we wandered over to the demon. I was expecting a tame rough ride but boy was I wrong.

Demon is a pretty boring ride right? WRONG!!! Try the backseat.It hauled so much ass throughout the whole ride and I had violent 2 foot ejector air on the drop. A majorly intense ride. 10/10

Then it was time to show off my bad dancing style. So we headed over to the eagle arcade to play the max two machine.(ddr) I danced about 6 rounds altogether. All on heavy. Later in the day I saw someone get an A on maxx300 maniac. Next was Ae Blue.

Now this was my third time riding backwards, and let me tell you this one was way different. The airtime on this thing was ten times more than I noticed on viper and they didn't even break us through the helix. 11/10 One Awesome ride.

After that it was dinner time. So I got a footlong hotdog outside of deja-vu and some cheesy fries.

We then Headed over to ironwolf for another look at the new b&m track. 8/10

Next was the best ride EVER for me. I went on batman When it was pitch black dark in the back seat twice. Man DID THAT THING HAUL ASS! I felt like I was being dragged by a f-16 while it was taking off. Added to the fact that it was smooth and I didn't know where I was going. It was awesome. both rides 15/10.

I finally closed out my birthday with a good old ride on the columbia carousel.

Here's my track count.

Deja Vu- 1

V2- 1

Raging Bull- 3


Iron wolf-2

American Eagle Blue-1


Batman The Ride-5

The Whizzer-1

I also went on Chubasco, Richochet, Rue le dodge, And the giant drop.

I didn't want to power ride because it was too cold, I just wanted to enjoy myself and take my time. All in all a great day at my homepark.

Overall 9/10 due to the temperature.

*** This post was edited by Colonel Sanders on 11/3/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Colonel Sanders on 11/3/2002. ***

Good TR. I didn't go on, but I noticed that they weren't braking AE after the helix. Sounds fun. :)
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Happy belated birthday.

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Nice TR,so it seems I wasn't the only one freezing my butt off last night,but hey when it's your last visit of the season you've gotta make every ride count because you won't get another ride for a good 4 to 6 months,unless your homepark is SFMM or IOA.

I went today 11/3 to SFGAm and again Eagle was not braked at all. I mean not at all. I sat in the front, middle and back seats and when in the front, i looked at the brakes and they were open the whole time going through. also the last brakes at the last helix were off creatibg some major laterals.

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When I went Friday night, that thing was going so fast through the last helix that I actually got an upset stomach. My roughest ride ever on Eagle (and that says a lot).

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That last helix was great this weekend! If you were on the outside of the train and were riding with someone you got smashed through that helix. It was awesome(while riding on the inside that is).

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Eagle has some tempermental braking issues. I was there on 11/3 as well and we were braked fairly hard before the helix turnaround. The braking before the final helix was there as well, though noticably lighter than earlier in the season. I have managed to get brakeless Eagle rides in the past, though, and they're completely awesome - too bad it doesn't always run like that.


yes... awesome weekend.. I was there on both Saturday and Sunday with min wait times on everything! I finally got my first ride on Deja Brok and it didnt break down while I was waiting for it!

I remember reading in another post that someone mentioned seeing lumber under the Eagles helix. I don't remember anyone mentioning that they are indeed doing some re-trackin on the Eagle. While riding the Blue train this weekend.. if you looked at the red side track in the helix there were big chunks of track missing. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that.

I'm in complete agreement with you regarding the back row of Demon. Not only do you get unbelievable air and some serious g's when getting pulled through the loops, there is NO head banging in the last row.

Last row is the only way to go.

I saw the wood and the work equipment strewn all over the ground and yes they are retracking Red.

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