SFGAm-10/26/02 I was sexually harassed!

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I got in the park from Chicago at about 9:30 am. I was with my friend and her brother and sister in-law. We decided to go on the Whizzer first and waited about 5 mintues, not bad.

Next we headed over to the Raging Bull (My 11th Spin on the Bull!!!:)) and waited about 15 minutes, slowly the lines for each ride were getting longer. It was a good ride but it was COLD!!!!!! at 42 Degrees!!! My fingers were numb at the end of the ride.

Next we went on the American Eagle (backwards) and waited about 45 minutes which was long and tedious. It was an awesome ride though. Red side is being retracked as you know.

Next we went on the Sky Trek Tower for a view of shockwave. I even went as far as asking the Condor Ride operator later that day if I could latch my self to the big red crane and have them hoist me up there to slide downt he track. But unfortunetly he said no:(.

Next we went on the Iron Wolf and got front row for a look at the new track peices from the lift hill. Wow! I've never done Iron Wolf front row before but I must say I like the ride alot more up front.

We next decided to walk around for a while through the Necropolis Area. MAN! is that some scary stuff in there. I hate when people jump out at you.

After all that huanted stuff we went on the Demon back row and got some MAJOR air. But I was a tad dizzy after the ride. Waited about 15 minutes.

Next we went to the Viper as it started to get dark outside it broke down and the train was stuck on the brakes so half the crowd left and it was about a 1:30 minute wait for this one but it was an awesome ride from the back while I held up my green glowstick in the air!!!

We next went to Sadie's Dead and Breakfast and waited in the queueline usually used for the Chubasco Ride. We got halfway through as the lady ripping ticket stubs was dressed up and very rude. She shouted to everyone in line that the lady up front had to pee so we needed to watch out for puddles. And then she went on and on about people sitting on the hand rails and quoted "Yes, you in the yellow jacket, get off the hand rails!!!!". Then some guy shouted "My wife has to pee" and she said "I told you no puddles!". It was funny and as she ripped my ticket I asked her since she had a creepy stare and smile if she had anger management problems or was she just pretending to be happy. So we finally get in the house and I was freakin out the whole time holding onto every1 as the people pop out at you.

The rest of the night we pretty much walked around and that's when this girl came up to me who I have never ever ever ever seen before and she tried to kiss me but the problem was she wasn't even the slightest bit attractive and then she just walked away and smiled!!! I was really scared.

We left and went to Joe's Crab Shack at about 8:30 PM. MMMMM Steamed snow crab legz!!!:):):)

Hate to tell, ya bub, but you need to do a little research on sexual harassment. What happened to you is just above flirting/getting hit on.

The only way that could be construed as sexual harassment, was if it was in the workplace. Check out this page for legal advice/definitions of sexual harassment. http://www.lawguru.com/faq/16.html

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AmericanEagleGuy said:

We next went to Sadie's Dead and Breakfast and waited in the queueline usually used for the Chubasco Ride.

It's not the que for Chubasco. It's the que for Trail Blazer.

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Gotta admit, it'll get him more hits (views) that is.

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