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Monday, October 30, 2000 1:11 PM
Alright, I know, two other people was at the park, and so was I!
At ten I ran for first row Batman. Only 5 minute wait for a wonderful ride! (First row-Best ever.)
Then a walk on Iron Wolf last row.
Then all the way to Viper. 30 minute wait for one heck of a ride. Major Air! Most underrated ride in America.
Then a 1 hour 20 minute wait for first row Raging Bull (my first time). It was unbelievable. Much much more air in front.
Then we went to the "Spooky" Train. Not too Spooky. For those who have been to Great America, you know what I mean, but for those who don't, here it is. You get on the train at one of the two stations, and the other is closed. When you get to the other some 'aliens' come out (they're guys in make up) and start talking to people on the train. Then some CIA guys or whatever come out at chase them away. Other years it's been better.
Then a half hour wait for Demon. A good looping ride.
Then we went to Love At First Fright, a show. It was good, with some good jokes.
After that we went to a second show, Mistress of Mesmerism, a hyponist show.
Then we decided to go. We stayed a while, from 9:30 (before the park opened) until 6:30. It was a great day.
Top 3:
1. Millenium Force
2. Batman: the Ride
3. Raging Bull

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