SFGAm, 06/27, a few hours of fun.

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Going to make this TR short and sweet.

Picked up my daughter from her babysitter at 6:00. Got to the park at 6:30.

Park was moderately crowded. Took a first spin on Demon with a 5 minute wait.

Next was Eagle red forward. For some reason I just love this coaster. Been riding it since it opened and never get sick of it. I took some pics of the 3rd shiny Blue train and hopefully Dave from SFGAmworld gets them put up. If not, oh well. :)

My daughter loves Giant Drop, so we took one plunge on this. Free falling is a cool sensation.

Made the dash over to Viper which turned out to be a 25 minute wait due to the mad chaos in the station house. I absolutely love this ride but the station situation just flat out sucks.

Got off Viper and hit RB. 3 train operation was in full swing so we got on in about 15 minutes. Great night ride. The park was now officially closed.

Here is where I got really aggravated. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot. I mean come on!!!! The traffic light at Grand Ave. wasnt staying green long enough for people to exit and the fact that the Washington St. access road is no longer used really added to this mess.

They need to at least have the Washington st. used for an exit at the end of the day. I used to love leaving out that way. Most people didnt use it.

Oh well, besides that, we had a great 2.5 hours of fun.

Thanks for reading.

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Short but sweet TR, just like your stay at SFGAm this particular eve. (just like the season's pass advertising, stay for a few hours or the whole day).

One thing that always frustrates me at closing time at SFGAm is the mad rush to get out of the place when nobody is really going anywhere. Cutting, passing and general ignorance run rampant. Many supposedly "mature" individuals become so oviously immature when they get behind the wheel of an automobile.

It took me many many miles of driving to realize that lane changing, passing and speeding really doesn't save you but a few minutes, if you are lucky.

A great example for me is the drive to SFGAm. It takes me approx 68 - 70 minutes driving very safely but at 80mph when possible. However if I drive 65 - 70 mph all the way there (gotta stay out of the left lane then, or else they'll run you over) I get there in maybe 75 minutes. Is the 5 - 7 minutes saved really worth the extra attention driving 80 takes as well as the additional fuel and (possible) risk?

You know what, it's kinda like what they say about ex-smokers being the most sensitive to people smoking in area's where it is prohibited (oh, that's a whole other soapbox, people smoking in the kiddie areas at SFGAm). I guess it's the same for me, I used to be the idiot who was always driving like it was some type of a big competition.

But over the years I have learned to be more patient of others, drive at a relaxed pace myself, and yield to the aggressive drivers (you all know who you are)....

I think it's time to reopen the Wahsington Street exit.

Chitown, how many visits have you taken to the park this year? I seem to recall that in 2001, it was only 3 or 4. Now you are on a tear.

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I almost always arrive at the park later on in the day, usually 3 or 4. 6-'till close seem to be the prime hours to visit though, with minimal waits, and all the rides kicking ass in full swing.

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What happened in the station on Viper?

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It's a madhouse. Think of Magnum's station, but with double the people and half the space to move.

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Kevin Max said:

Chitown, how many visits have you taken to the park this year? I seem to recall that in 2001, it was only 3 or 4. Now you are on a tear.

This year I believe I am at about 7 visits. Keep in mind that most of these visits have been "last minute, oh what the heck, lets go" type of trips.

My daughter also lives right near the park so since I am up in the area, I just go for a few hours or a half a day.

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Good TR Chitown.

Heres a tip for the traffic light on Grand Ave. When its backuped, get over to the right lane and make a right onto Grand Ave. Once your on Grand Ave. get to the left lane, and make a left turn on the first block you see.

Right when you turn you will see a church parking lot, which is a perfect turnaround. Turnaround there, then make the right on Grand Ave. and your headed on your way towards Gurnee Mills within about 3 minutes. Whenever its backed up I use this way of getting out, because usually the right lane is empty coming out of Great America.

And here are the pics you sent me:


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Come on Dave. You are speaking to a guy who used to live up in the area. Of course I took the right lane out. Trouble is, other people were using that lane up until they realized they had to get over in the left lane. All lanes were blocked until right by Grand Ave.

I made a right turn, and headed down Milwaukee Ave. (Rte 21).

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

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