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Monday, June 6, 2005 12:36 AM
Well, here was my first chance to see and experience the new Hurricane Harbor.

Brought my daughter, girlfriend, and her daughter for about 5 hours of water fun.

I must say they did a fabulous job theming this place. Alot of attention to detail all the way down to the engravings in the cement. All the restaurants, shops, and beach bar were done and open.

While this waterpark doesn't have alot of attractions compared to others, what they have is nice. First thing we did was the lazy river. When they say they are heating the water, they weren't messing around. Very nice round trip jaunt through this very well themed river. The wave maker in part of it was a nice and pleasant surprise. All the fountains shooting out from the walls guaranteed you got wet at some point. I will definitely be enjoying this attraction in the future.

Next up was the wavepool. Enjoyed this as well. Waves pumping out every 5 minutes then a 5 minute break. This pool is more rectangular then the usual square deal I see at other parks. The boats hanging off the back of the pool adds a nice touch.

After being totally soaked and chlorine infested, we headed over to the beach bar. I am definitely going to be hanging out at this bar alot this season. Grabbing a cold beer and watching a game on the 2 plasma tv's they have in the bar makes for a relaxing moment. Since my girlfriend and I smoke, this is the only option in the waterpark as well. Gotta love the lighthouse ashtrays. :)

My daughter and I hit the 2 slide complexes in the back of the park. Nothing intense but fun none the less.

Skull Island definitely must be the world's largest playstructure as they claim. This thing is absolutely monstrous compared to the other ones I have encountered at other parks. While it wasn't open yet, they had the water going through it and even 2 of the 3 buckets were tipping and spilling out. Looks like it will be ready to go any day now.

That is about it for the attractions I hit. Did the wavepool a couple more times and it was finally closing time at 7.

Going to try and conquer the more intense slides in the future but I didn't feel like lugging a raft up the stairs with the long lines that were going on.

SFGAm has a winner on their hands here. It was a long time coming.

Thanks for reading.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.


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