SFGAm starting a Podcast

Of course it can't hold a candle to our beloved Coasterbuzz Podcast but Jim Taylor from the PR Department at SFGAm has started a Podcast series for that park.

The first one is up now and has a couple nice interviews and talks a bit about what's upcoming for 2007.

Here's the link:


"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Georgia's been putting together a weekly podcast for a little over a month;


Coincidentally, Mr. Taylor moved last year from SFOG to SFGAm.

Nice idea and pretty informative, but some of it sounds a bit too "scripted". Segments sound more like a commercial. It might be nice to have it be a bit more conversational and unrehearsed interviews. The music could also be turned down a little, as it can be pretty distracting from the interviews, but overall this is great for SF to be doing this.

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I agree the music level is a bit high at times. Since this does of course originate from the PR Dept. I'm sure it will indeed be more like a commercial. However, there was some info in the Podcast that I hadn't heard talked about yet.

Jim Taylor is a nice additon to SFGAm. I knew him from SFoG as well from attending Spring Fling each year . The folks that call that park home expressed genuine disappointment when he announced he was leaving during Spring Fling last year.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

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