SFGAm & Michigan's Adventure - 7/10-7/12 (long)

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Friday, July 13, 2001 12:39 PM
Just got back from one of the best trips so far this season.

SFGAm continued to be awesome just like last year. Why is this park so underrated? Not to talk bad about SFWoA (my home park) but SFGAm is one of the best operated I've been to. Full capacity and fast moving lines made the trip just great.

Brief overview:

Raging Bull continues to be impressive as well as reign supreme on my steel coaster list. Again, another ride that seems underrated. Nothing beats being "thrown" down the first hill in the back seat with airtime all the way down.

Demon was still a good, smooth coaster. Why is it that older Arrow looping coasters are better than the newer ones? I also like the "sound effects" at the tunnel approach to the lift.

Iron Wolf seemed to be the same as last year but I felt was not as bad as Vortex at PGA. Probably the most headbanging I had at the park. I don't consider it a bad coaster though.

American Eagle was also the same but it seemed the red train gave some surprising pops of air on a couple of hills. This is the only coaster where the ride ops were idiots.

Did not ride Veritcal Velocity as the line was three times longer than Superman Ultimate Escape. I'll ride this when I get back to SFWoA. Though it did seem the intervals between launches were quick.

Deja Vu just sat there. Such a shame, especially seeing that Sky Whirl was still sitting in the bone yard.

Batman - third seat - smooth and no head banging whatsover. It seemed more improved compared to last year.

Shock Wave - I know lots of people hate this ride but I have found a new love for it in the back seat. Intense G's as the trains go through the loops. And it was smooth the entire ride.

Whizzer - I would hate to see this ride go if the park decides to dismantle it. A very pleasant ride with nice turns.

Viper - Still the king of the wooden coasters at the park. Great airtime and the PTC's still track very well. It's better than the Villain.

On the way back to Cleveland we took a detour and headed up to Michigan's Adventure. This park is not easy to find if you're not familiar with the area.

Brief ovreview:

Shivering Timbers is the most insane yet outstanding wood coaster I have ever been on. We're talking standing airtime on many of the hills. Great laterals. No mid course brakes. A very effective trick track section. A nice helix finale. This ride just blew me away. Easily my number one wood coaster!!

Wolverine Wildcat seemed a little sluggish at first but was decent. Some mild pops of air and plenty of squeaking wheels on the turns. It's not a bad ride.

Corkscrew - simple Arrow coaster like the one that used to be at Geauga Lake (though I think GL's was slightly taller).

Mad Mouse - Spunky little coaster just like Psycho Mouse at PGA. Nice family ride.

Zach's Zoomer - Yes, I did ride this junior woodie and enjoyed every bit of it. I did realize that it has the same layout as the Paramount junior woodies (i.e. Beastie at PKI).

I was very impressed in the two and half hour stay at MA. Can't wait to get back up there next year. I just hope Cedar Fair doesn't ruin Shivering Timbers by adding trim brakes and headrests.

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Friday, July 13, 2001 12:53 PM
Hey dude,

I think I met you at MA. We talked about Lightning Racer and Hersheypark. Glad to hear you had a good time.
Friday, July 13, 2001 1:55 PM
You must be the one who was waiting for the front seat behind us. You were talking to my buddy about Hershey. It was good to meet you and that you had a safe trip home.

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