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A week's vacation to the Chicago area allowed my bride to be and myself an opportunity to see another SF park. Unbearable Chicago traffic on 294 was a pain, but I was interested in that huge gold coaster dropping into that tunnel near our car.

Extremely long lines at the park only allowed for one lap on each coaster. Great America has a solid variety of coasters and the opening view of the reflection pool and the double carousel provided some needed excitment after our tedious journey to the park.

Every coaster was running to capacity on this busy day, let's jump on a couple. The Demon was as enjoyable as I remember, the bizarre lights in the tunnel give a sickening feeling after the second loop. The Whizzer is still a sentimental favorite from my youth. Deja Vu didn't really do much for me though. I loved the vertical drops, but I felt like I've ridden this before.....uhm.....no pun intended. Vertical Velocity is a great addition to this park and it sits in a perfect position between the log and boat flumes. The line is very deceiving and we realized why when we finally hit the station. American Eagle was good, but backwards was one of the better rides in the park. Superman was the same as SFoG, both I feel are fun.....that's it, just fun. Iron Wolf was calling for a chiropractor, I actually said ouch once.

Onto the above average coasters: Batman was a great ride. The trees and ground in close proximity to your feet and the G's were perfect in the tight corners. Viper was an outstanding replica of the Cyclones and provided good pops on air. Raging Bull was the surprise of the day. We had a back seat ride at 9:30pm, where the lights of the park flickered below. Talk about a free fall in the back seat on the first drop.

Positives of the park: 1) Great selection of coasters and good flats. 2) Trees. SF did a great job of leaving many older trees to live and grow in the park. 3) The Southwest Territory section of the park was brilliantly themed for a SF park. Each ride and flat was perfectly planned and placed in that section. 4) The food court in the middle of the park.

Negatives: 1) The ques were tight as you felt very close with your riding neighbors....in fact, I felt violated a couple of times, turned and found out it wasn't my fiance. Another problem with the ques: We would be walking in a midway and run smack into a line sticking well out of an entrance on 5 occasions, while open ques existed in the line itself. Parents with strollers became upset with this more than once. 2) Cleanliness was a problem. My Uncle and Aunt, who are from the Chicago area and visit the park every year noticed many garbage cans overflowing on the midways and noticed a couple in lines also. That was disgusting, plus the bees were dive bombing around the cans. Many cigarette butts littered the cement. 3) Very glum ride operators. Batman and Bull had the best, but the rest looked like they were serving a jail sentence. No hustle, no smile, no fun. Vertical Velocity was horribly operated. 4) Landscape upkeep: I landscape in the summer and the park was wonderfully planned and divised in many areas, BUT trees and shrubs were not trimmed in many que areas, where you are avoiding branches or feeling shoots on your legs below. I thought I was in a Haunted Mansion attraction a couple of times.

The coasters were good, but I agree with my fiance who said it best, "Sorry honey, I'm just not impressed with Six Flags parks." (This is her third SF park in 3 months). I enjoyed the day, but can wait another ten years for Great America. Field of Dreams is just 5 more hours west and deserved the 'star' on our planner for the vacation.
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Im guessing you must have went on a bad day because the park's pretty much always clean and the ride op's are usually doing there job well. I don't know what to tell you because SFGAm is Six Flags #3 park but in many people's mind the best of the top 3 for our ability to keep our coaster's running to full capacity. I mean look at SFMM how many complaints do you see about the park and rides being closed ( this is SF #1 park huh?) But it seemed you enjoyed yourself enough and that's always good to hear.
I have never had an experience where the park is dirty. Im very surpised.
Getting one lap on ALL the casters is pretty good for, from what I remember, a VERY nice day. You cant really expect the ride ops to be in smiles all day. The can get very irritated by guests and its probably kinda boring. I have to agree that the SW Territory is VERY well themed. My favorite part of the park. At least you had a good time.
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I also am very surprised that you saw a dirty park. Of all the SF parks I have been to(SFKK, SFMM, SFMW, SFOG, SFSTL, SFWOA, SFEG, and SFGAM) this is definitely the cleanest, and best operated. I was just there on the 2nd and had an excellent day.
I am sure you couldnt find another day to visit Woody, but you visited on the worst week at the park so far this season. Alot of people were using their "Read to Succeed" tickets that they won on the week you went. The park was absolutely packed the whole week.

Cleanliness is usually not a problem at this park. Overflowing trash cans are usually not the norm. My guess is the massive crowds created more garbage than normal. Maybe the employees couldnt keep up with it.

Glad you still had fun though. :)

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I went to SFGAm last August, and have to agree that although I didn't find the queues to be as clean as CP, SFGAm wasn't bad. I did step in some melted ice cream, and lots of candy/popcorn on the ground in the queues, but no overflowing trash cans. the queue trash seemed worse in the early evening. Overall, the park cleanliness and the ride ops were okay. Again, the park was busy, but didn't appear to be packed and this might make a difference.

I LOVE Raging Bull! Of all the coasters there, RB was my favorite and we grabbed as many rides from the back as possible. Viper was my second fav there.

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