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I don't have the time or energy to type of a detailed trip report of all the days activities, but I'd like to share a few thoughts. I also thought maybe you all would like to see some pictures of the ride in action.

- The folks at Great America did a fantastic job with the days activities. The ride performed flawlessly all day and the park came away looking really good. This addition was a great move for the park.

- The ride is a definite winner! It's smooth, extremely comfortable and the pretzel loop is nothing short of amazing. It seemed to get excellent reactions from just about everyone in attendance. I think the general public is going to love this ride.

- The location of the ride is great. You get a really nice view from outside the ticket booths out front. Also, once your through the gates, the pretzel loop is staring you in the face from over the top of the photo shop and bathrooms.

- The ride entrance uses the old Shockwave queue house but it's been painted and looks nice. There's a fastlane line built in next to the building that runs along side the exit path. There will be a Superman logo in the concrete out front along with some other decoration.

- The landscaping under the ride is not yet finished but no trace of the parking lot remains. When finished, the area around the ride should look VERY good. There's some trees present already and there are numerous holes dug where more will be planted.

- There's stations isn't quite finished but it's coming along good. The air gates are present but they still need to add the queue rails inside the station and in a few areas outside. There's also some painting and other odds and ends to finish up.

I've got some pictures of the ride at the link below.



sweet pics

Whats red yellow and blue at SFGAm...???

HaHa!!! I'm in one of your pictures, man! #067, Me (gray sweatshirt and my white @$$ Nike's), and my dad next to me...in row 7. How funny!

You look busted.

Hey Jeff,

I can email you a copy of the full size picture for you to keep for yourself (if you'd like). I'll also check to see if you popped up in any of my other pictures that I didn't post.


Ha, im in the same picture. Row 8 right behind ClubXJeff in the black sweatshirt.

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