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Hey everyone,

I'm heading with my family to SfGadv for this first time tomorrow and we'll be at the park tomorrow and Friday. I'm really excited because it shouldn't be to crowded but I'm worried about the weather.

It's not supposed to rain or anything but reports look as though winds are going to be 15-20 mph and possible upwards of 30 mph at times at least tomorrow and possibly Friday too.

Does anyone have any idea how this effects the rides? I probably won't get on KK will I :( go figure.

I've never really gone to a park this early in the season so I've never really delt with winds. Do you think the other coasters will operate fine under these predicted conditions?

Thanks for any help you can give me at least I can prepare myself haha ;)

They are having a Jewish event tommorrow so it could be quite crowded if it is like last years event.
I'm guessing no Kingda Ka for you. It can't make it up there with 30 mph winds. Maybe, it depends on the way the wind is going. Chiller probably won't be open either. What about some rides valleying? That's could happen. It sounds like a wreck to me.
Dress warm its crap here today and will be the next few. Cold!!!


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