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I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure next Friday and I want to know if this is a good day to visit. I know it probably isn't, but if it is crowded, I want to know which rides I should hit first and which ones have the longest lines usually.

I also want to know if Superman will be running 3 trains so the wait won't be so long. If anyone has gone on a Friday, please fill me in. Thanks.

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Hit Chiller first, but only if you arrive as the park is opening. If not, wait until the end of the day when people start heading home. Superman is capable of running only two trains, and it probably will. Expect a 30-50 minute wait, unless the park is really crowded.

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I would say superman first ...within the first 20 mins of opening every time i went this year it had an hour wait...after superman go to chiller...the rest of the rides you dont really have 2 worry bout.

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