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What's up, this is my 2nd TR so be easy.

This past Tuesday through Thursday I visited SFGadv for the first time. Each day the park was crowded with the weather being perfect. The prices were outrageous, but the rides were certainly excellent.

Day 1

I got to the park around 5 after a 6-hour car ride to the park from my home in Medway MA. From 5 until the park closed at 10 I only got 3 rides in, but it still was worth it; especially when you have a season's pass. When we arrived Kingda Ka was down.

Great American Scream Machine

This was my first ride it was about a 45-minute wait, not too bad. I sat in the front. It was good, but not great. It was a bit on the jerky side.

Superman Ultimate Flight

This was going to be my first flying roller coaster. It looked awesome. The problem was the line. I took about 20 steps in 20 minutes no lie! And most of that came from people who were leaving the line in disguise of its length, which I quickly did also. What a waste, especially when the dueling station was there. It was the first of many times in the trip where I told my friend typical Six flags.

Kingda Ka

After leaving superman I noticed that one of the trains for Kingda Ka had launched so I headed straight towards it. I got in line and it seemed as if there was going to be a short wait of about 25 minutes, but then the ride broke down. I decided to stay b/c this may be my only chance. It ended up being an hour and a half when the ride got going again. It was now dark and I decided to go for the front row. I regretted 2 years ago not going for the front on TTD. This time I took the chance and I am glad that I did. The station was so loud. I could barely hear myself think. When I got out on the launch track I was just so pumped. Without my glasses on all that I could see were these lights( the towers lights) that seemed as if they might as well be in outer space. So the train was ready to launch any second. 5 seconds I told myself. That 5 seconds turned into 15 seconds then about 4 minutes of waiting for the train to launch. I wanted to relax, but there was also the thought that we were going to launch any second. Eventually after a few minutes the car started going backwards and a mechanic checked something and the ride went back to where it launches and there we went. It was an unbelievable experience. The launch was just so intense and the hill was as well. Compared to TTD in terms of the ride itself, well I really can't compare. Due to them being so short I don’t remember them well enough. TTD was 2 years ago and it was only for 15 seconds. Also this ride was at night and in the front, with that extra wait at the launch track. Imagine hearing nothing and just waiting to launch.


It was the final ride of the night, and I was really looking forward to it. It was about an hours wait for the ride. This coaster I knew would be best in the back. I love how you can't see any of the ride before you go on it. The seats were incredible, they were just so comfortable. The ride was great. It seemed to produce more floating airtime than anything else. Or maybe it just seemed that way since the last coaster that I went on before this trip was Superman Ride of Steel. I am more of the ejection airtime person so I have Superman just barely above this ride in terms of airtime, but still what a ride.

Day 2

Kingda Ka

It was my second and unfortunately as I found out later my last ride on Kingda Ka.I ran for it first thing, and had only about a 4-minute wait. This time I was going to try it in the very back. In line I talked to someone with a TTD shirt on. I asked him which he preferred. I got the answer that I was expecting. TTD easily b/c of the build up before the launch. I could not agree anymore. Kingda Ka has awesome themeing, but it does not enhance the thrill like on TTD. You're not close up to Kingda Ka when it is going at full speed, also the restraints don't give the element of insecurity. The only way that I can truly say I like Kingda Ka more is in bragging rights, and the height of the hill. In the back the ride was not quite as good. It was definitely more of a blur than the front, still exciting though.

Superman Ultimate Flight

After Kingda Ka I raced for superman so that I would not have to go through that line. I am glad that I did. It was a 30-minute wait for the front. What a unique experience. It was my first flying roller coaster. Wow! That pretzel loop was awesome. It was definitely worth the wait this time.


A really cool flat ride with barely a wait.

Rolling Thunder

I have been warned about this ride; in how rough it is. I just gave it a try. It was a 35-minute wait for the back. It was rough very rough. It also had little airtime.


The park was now getting crowded. We had a hour wait for the back. Medusa was smooth, fast and quick.

Batman and Robin the chiller

This ride I am glad that I rode, but I don't think I'll be on it for a while again. First off only the Robin side was running. Which from what I hear is typical. The ride had such poor capacity. It was a 90-minute wait. At least there was air conditioning once inside.Once in the station things got somewhat interesting. The ride operator made the ride launch when people least expected it too. He would go 5 4 3 2 1 go!. But the ride would actually launch on like 3. I never really took a good look at the ride so I had no idea what it did. I did not understand how a lap bar could hold you in going through a corkscrew. It concerned me a bit. Once I got on the ride. Just like KK I was expecting to launch at any moment. The lap bar restrained your legs in a way so that made me feel almost 100 percent secured. The ride was insanely intense and short. Upside down 6 times in 37 seconds. Also a launch. It was fun but not worth the wait.

Skull Mountain

I was in line for about 20 minutes and someone said that there is a fire and everyone left.I am just curious how often this happens.


This was my second time on Nitro. It was only a one-hour wait for the front; which I was dying to try. The front was great, but not as fun as the back.

Batman the Ride

After some small rides I next headed towards Batman the Ride. It is my 50th roller coaster. I knew this would be a great one to do that with. It was now completely dark. The wait for the back was 1 hour. The ride was short and small. But it certainly made up for it as I was told it did. Batman was extremely intense, with lighting quick elements. The ride never lets you catch your breath; which I truly love.

Runaway Mine train

It was the last ride of the night. Like rolling thunder. I thought I would give it a try. The seats were the worst I have ever seen. At least the ride itself was nice in the dark.

Day 3

Kingda Ka

The second day went well with KK then Superman after that. So I was going to do the same thing on Thursday. Once in line this time. No one was in the station. I remembered that the day before the ride shut down in the afternoon. After about 25 minutes some employee addressed the situation and is like, I don't know when it is going to open. It was our courtesy to let you in line. We were working on the ride all last night. Another 20 minutes went by and there were test runs. I felt like leaving but decided not too. Another 15 minutes went by and people were on. I got in the space for the front row, and was only about 6 cars away, and the ride broke down again. They said, " We are having technical difficulties." After another 30 minutes one of the problems was shown. Some rider from before had their hat get stuck in the launching system. That really upset everyone. After waiting even more after that point it was announced that KK would be closed for the day! That was after a wait that approached 2.5 hours! Everyone got mad. Six Flags wonders why they lose so much money. The thing that hurt me was not as much not getting on the ride as it was the waste of time. Now all the lines were longer. And the best time to get on rides fast was over. It would have been 5 times worse, if I had never gotten on. If Thursday was my one and only chance for the summer just like it was for many who were in line. One person said Six Flags the great wait. I say typical six flags.

Skull Mountain

I could not believe that it was actually open! Only a 30-minute wait for the back! It was fun being in the dark and having no idea where I was.


By now I had done all the major rides. I got something to eat and waiting in line for the Nitro. It was a 2.5 hour wait for the back, no Lie! The line went out of the entire queue, and it was only a Thursday! I cannot imagine it on a Saturday. The thing that I could not stand most about waiting throughout the day were the 2 train operations. Once again typical Six Flags. The line jumping was stupid. At least the ride operators were nice. While waiting for the back row, I talked to an enthusiast who was a ride operator. It's not often that I meet someone in a park who has the love for roller coasters that I have. He got me pumped for the ride, and Nitro delivered. It was another great ride.

Superman Ultimate Flight

We attempted the ride again, but it was worse than the first time. A group came out of the line and said that they waited 3 hours and still had a long wait ahead. So like before I left. I would like to ask Six Flags what the point of having a dual station is if you don't use it. And that also applies with the Batman side of Batman and Robin the Chiller. Typical Six Flags I laughed.


I choose medusa next b/c I knew that the capacity was pretty good. It was a 1.5 hour wait for the back. Like the first time it was a lot of fun.


Hay, I could not resist another ride. As sad as it sounds it was my last ride. I had to leave around 8. It ended up being 8:30 when I left. It was another 2.5 hour wait for the back. It was worth it. This is definitely one of my favorite roller coasters.

Final thoughts

The trip was nice, but I definitely should have done fast lane on the final day. When I look at KK selfishly, I am glad that it was built. It was a sick and awesome ride. But I think from what I saw especially on Thursday that this ride probably would in the long run hurt the park. I was lucky that I got on; others were not. They may not come back. Also please Six Flags use 3-train operation! *** Edited 8/27/2005 2:20:30 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01*** *** Edited 8/27/2005 2:22:42 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01*** *** Edited 8/27/2005 2:39:36 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01***

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That was a FUN trip, wasn't it?? except for some parts..................yea i've heard a lot of complaints from The chiller....like how the wait in line is long and that the ride is too short for that wait. And you mentioned that someone had gotten their hat stuck in the launching system of KK... why would anyone get on an 128mph coaster with a hat on???...i would of gotten really mad if I was there. I understand if it's a 50, 60 mph coaster but come on, 128mph...

I was just there today and yesterday and KK was still down due to the hat problem. I waited in line probably for about 2 hours total and got nowhere. That makes 5 days that i've gone where KK has been closed. I still haven't been on it.

I rode GASM and I actually have a newfound respect for it. I've always loved watching it, i think it is a beautiful ride, but the last time i rode it my ears were level with the OTS restraints. I actually really enjoyed it this time.

Also I really loved Robin. I found it a lot of fun, especially without the OTS.

Gigaforce you should have went to guest relations and asked for exit passes for the inconvenience on KK and they would have given you 1 for each person you were with and you could have used them on Nitro and SUF. I did that last week when I was there and KK brokedown.
What I was told in the station was that the hat in the launch was one of the reasons for the delay. Could it of caused the ride to be shut down for the entire day I don't think so. Still I would be annoyed as I and everyone else was.

One thing that conserned me before the launch during each test run as a watched from outside of the station was that a few of the magnets that are the brakes for the ride started to go down after most the magnets were already down. I almost said something.

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

really?...I would of said something
I would have figured that with about 6 test runs of employees sitting in the front train that they would have and should have relized that. They where starring at the launch track. But I see what your saying. I probably should have.

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

I would like to ask Six Flags what the point of having a dual station is if you don't use it

The S:UF at GADV does not have a dual station. The one in Georgia does but they have problems with it so GADV did not get it.

I keep trying to get myself to go to SFGAdv, but if the lines are that long on a weekday, forget it.

Maybe in a few weeks or so after school starts for the kiddies...

God, I hate Q-Bot. Imagine how the lines are affected because of it. They just keep raking in the cash while people who don't pay up get to ride 5 or 6 coasters in 12 hours. Uggh...

Ok one question, what the hell did the ops not see, or did someone just randomly throw a hat in this thing. I dont know if someone is coming by me with a hat on his head, i would have stopped the ride and make them remove it or whatnot.

This happened to me at Cp on Dragster, with a lady holding her hat. They stopped us at launch track area, and then told her to put it in her shirt. I just think that that is rediculous that a hat would screw up a whole ride.

Glad to see you were able to ride though. Seems like you really needed those three days to get alot done, because the waits you described would seem horrendous at most parks.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

yea i know what your saying...i would of stopped the ride too.
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Dexter I know you don't agree with Qbot and we had this discussion before, but considering Great Adventure in the summer.......well like I said in my TR I am glad my friend and I Botted Nitro, Chiller, and Medusa when we did. :-) I still think it's funny that the Qbot lines becomes longer than some of the rides at times. ;-)

Giga, great TR! I laughed when reading the Chiller part. I totally forgot about the ride op "launching" the coaster at like.....3 or 2. Very cool.

Nitro definitely is the Queen of "floaty" air. A friend of mine describes it as a "magic carpet ride" which it true. I also love the "view" of the whole layout once you are at the top........priceless. GOD I love that coaster.

THAT particular Batman was my first invert back in the mid-90's. (I think it looks awesome with the new paint job.) Those things get more intense as they get older (or maybe it's just ME getting older!) They are small in comparison the the latest (and not so latest) B&M inverts but their intensity is just sick and insane....they are awesome! Nothing like feeling the blood literally rush to your feet. ;-)

As far as Ka I couldn't agree more, I LOVED Ka but I the initial PUNCH of the launch on Dragster feels more powerful, plus I like the *freedom* of lapbars. However, the OTSR's on Ka and Storm Runner are my fave OTSR's. They are very roomy and comfy and don't bang the crap out of me.

Maybe they should take all the old Arrows and replace them with these OTSR's? ;-)


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Tina, I qbotted on Monday and had an awesome time! We got in all of the coasters and some rides, except for SUF. We had a 9:10 qbot time, but the ride broke down then, and people were actually stuck in the brake run laying down. Crazy.

KK was awesome, but it isn't TTD. We got in 2 rides in a row, thanks to the bot. :) We waited one, and botted one. I got my KK shirt. The operator saw my TTD shirt, and he's like hey, you have to get off. :) After we rode, we told him we prefer TTD, and he's like yeah, because it has lap bars.

I really enjoyed GADV. My dad complained about the amount of flats open, and guest relations gave him 5 passes for next year and a free qbot rental.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick


I thought that there was a dual station. I must have been starring at the storage track or something. That's scary b/c I saw the ride when it was at it's full capacity. I can not imagine that line on a Saturday. Has anyone seen it.


Yea those lines were extremely annoying. On Tuesday and Wednesday they were bearable but not on Thursday. My friend said that he wonders if the park is actually less crowded on Saturdays b/c everyone thinks that it is going to be crowded so they go on a weekday instead. I see his train of thought, but parks are still worst on Saturdays. On Thursday I got 2 rides on Nitro, one ride on Skull Mountain and one ride on Medusa. That took 8 hours. And the first of those waits did not happen till after the 2.5-hour wait for KK that I never got on that day.


It just goes to show how good the six flags employees are (right). It was not till after the hat was discovered that employees walked the lines telling everyone not to wear hats, and to secure loose articles. What was really annoying were the 2 people who were next for the front. They did not take their hats off. If they boarded the train that way then I certainly would have said something; as I am sure everyone else would have as well.


I don't know what the ride operator for the Chiller was thinking b/c he did that countdown thing way to many times. Everyone who was boarding the train already so him try to fake out riders before; so there wasn't anyone who was tricked. Except for maybe the fast lane people( lol)


I did the same thing. On Tuesday and Wednesday I wore my TTD shirts. On Thursday I wore my MF shirt. I bought a KK shirt at the park and I think I will wear that shirt the next time that I go to CP. It's funny. I only got one comment about my shirts. On Thursday in line for the Nitro one of the ride employees said, " so you have been to CP" I said yes. You would not believe what this six flags employee said next! He said " CP is awesome, SFMM is a dump don't ever go there" I said yea I know that. From there we made fun of SFMM. It is not often at parks that I find people who know all this stuff. Most people at parks don't even know what CP is; Well at GaDV that is.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my TR was the Eruption ride. I wanted to try it. I ask an employee if it was open and they said that it was not. I asked why, and they said that they did not have the staff for that ride. What the heck. Can you think of a worst excuse than we don't have the staff! *** Edited 8/28/2005 4:06:17 PM UTC by GIGAFORCE01***

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

Gigaforce, I was at the park the that Thursday and Friday. I picked up some exit passes at guest relations on Thursday. Friday I got to the park at 10:00 and waited 7 hours until KK opened. I got on in the front seat after that 7 hour wait. That hat thing made me P.O.ed as well, as I was in line when that happened. But I got on, so no worries.

Superman's Pretzel Loop was awesome, and front seat is the only seat. Nitro I rode in the back as well on Thursday night, when you can't see anything, and it was great.

Final thought: Nothing beats Millennium Force... NOTHING!

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