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A quick little trip report from my few hours spent at Six Flags Great Adventure today. It was rather cool out, and getting there around 11 am while it was still cloudy and threatening rain, I was able to walk on to all three coasters I rode.

Nitro - still running like a dream, walked on to last row.

El Toro - Still fast and furious, walked on to middle of train

Medusa - Still running well, walked on to front row.

Did some walking around the park as well - the park now has these new machines at various locations where you can get your cell phone, plug into one of the various battery-charging plugs, and pay $2 for a 15 minute charge to your phone - I imagine that will be popular for the cell phone-toting park-goers.

They now also have "Cabana Cove" - where you can rent "cabanas" in one section of the park, near the entrance to the now-closed Old Country by the front of the park - it pretty much consists of two or three chairs with nice padding, foot rests, and screens and a tent-like roof surrounding it - I didn't catch any prices or length of times for rentals - but it looks like it could be a nice getaway of sorts for those who want to relax a bit from the heat.

They also had a new mini-golf game over near the entrance to Movie World - $5 for a put from any of the closer distances to try to win a prize - the interesting part is the $10 "Mega-Putt" game - you start from 10 ft, if you make the putt, you move back to 20, then 30, then 40, and if you make all those, then you can try to hit from 50 ft., and if you hit from 50 feet, then you can win either a Nintendo Wii, iPod, or a "personal transporter" a.k.a. smaller version of a Segway - going to be a popular game, I imagine.

Also, it's weird to walk right through the empty area where the Tepee once was - now it's a big, empty, unused area - my idea would be to set up a stage over near the fence by the log flume, and have a concert "pre-show" out there, or a few smaller opening acts out there before a big concert in the Northern Star Arena. Just a thought.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

How were things looking with the indoor ride construction?
Couldn't tell with construction. Walls were up all around and I couldn't get a good look over them. The only thing I could tell was that the little entranceway was still being built (the sign sort of thing) - other than that, it's just a big grey building with a few cranes, as far as I can tell - couldn't see anything in the area.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Just wondering BigJim...being opening weekend...were there a lot "suits" walking around? You did mention that the coasters were walk-ons, but was security out and about?

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

^ I did see a number of security people (one of them entertaining a group of people doing a magic trick) - but yes, there were security - also one at the front of each ride where the new $1 lockers were - i forgot that in the original post...outside of each of the big rides, there are now $1 lockers, for one ride/one hour - and the security and 1 employee outside each ride were enforcing that.

As for suits, I wasn't really paying that much attention, but saw a couple important-looking people.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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