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Hi All,

I was out at SFGADV for about 5 hours today. It was chilly and was not crowded. I'm not gonna review rides just tell you what I found to be different or what they are doing.

First Season pass entrance was closed :>( BLAH!!

Superman went down around 1:30. BLAH!

They removed height signs from Nitro as you go up the lift.

Log Flume is getting a paint job and looks pretty.

I noticed a lot more employees out and about in the park sweeping up trash and what not. Some were actually happy when working. Nitro crew was good as usually. RT crew was horrible and Medusa was decent.

The boat from SFWOA Batman show are now at the park and located under Medusa.

The Chiller was not running and neither was a lot of other rides. Viper and a bunch of flats.

All and all I can see that SFGADV is trying to turn things around. I'm gonna go back at the end of the month and see if they are still trying and keeping up the good work!


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The height signs on Nitro were gone all last season.

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Only made it out to the park like 4 times last season and never noticed. HMMMM. I wonder why they were removed. Anyone know? Andy did you make it out to CAD last night?


Not at all what I wanted to hear but is what I expected to hear. Are they REALLY turning things around?
Crash/Andy -- I know for the fact that at least some of the signs were still up last season...I think the fourth one (might've been Arc de Triomphe or Niagara Falls...not really sure) was gone, and another one or two disappeared as the season went on. But I do remember at least some of them up -- so since some of them were missing, they probably thought it best to take them all down. Just my theory.

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i was at CAD. RT now has seatbelts! chiller closed. Batman the ride was open for a little while then closed because of paint chips flying off and hitting people in the face. Nitro kept breaking down. And its line is full of yellow paint chips. Medusa was having problems locking on some rows of both trains that were on. superman tested once then closed. gasm was running a nice 2 trains with no problems. Spongebob was open and there we a million employees asking if u liked it. The employees do seem nicer this year. They also had a couple other flats open since it was cad with alot of coasters down. chiller does have its special effects back. the swings were gone but i did hear that they r just in pieces behind the park and it will be rebuilt.
I noticed that all of the 'junk' and police car from the Batman themeing was gone. Only thing remaining was the fire hydrant.
medusa -- I was there today and I saw all the paint chips you were talking about. They definitely need to get the sweepers out there!

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Why the heck is the paint coming off? If they test it enough and get a groove of no paint on the track from the wheels, will that elimate the problem?
Why remove the height signs though? It was a nice touch. Is this another cost savings venture?

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I was there too. Superman was closed was closed from opening until at least when I left. (3:30). I was disasppointed with so many rides being closed... *** Edited 4/4/2004 7:24:43 PM UTC by SFgadvMAN***
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They've removed Batman themeing?

*shakes head*

Others have metioned that SFKK is playing music from a satellite throughout the park. Is that true for SFGAdv as well?

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BullGuy, do you mean something along the lines of XM Radio when you say that they're playing music from a satellite?

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SFA was playing XM last season in the Skull Island section of the park. Haven't heard it this season.
Is SFreally changing for the better? Sounds like the same old crap to me.
Y'all gotta remember, steel coasters, and temps in the 40s and 50s do not mix! Many of the rides will shut down if the train takes too long to complete it's run.

Also extreme cold can play havok with many rides.

Also, a change in corporate attitude, will not produce "miracles", but will improve service, making everything run in the cold is tough.

Some rides like gasm which produces too much momentum anyway, will probably run in below zero temps.

Others like chiller are probably futile


I saw employees smiling and sweeping trash and behaving unlike sf employees do. The Nitro crew which kicks ass always was really cool and making trains scream before they would be released.

I didn't get to see the Batman Q. I hope they replace the theming with more theming. Maybe they are planning to put the Bat Mobile there from SFWOA. I think the paint is coming off because its new and the coaster hasn't had many runs on it yet to wear a new path into it.

I wasn't sure about the seat belts on RT. I didn't notice them before. I didn't get to ride because 2 people got stuck on the ride because there lap bar wouldn't open so they closed it.

I was very disappointed with Sponge Bob briefing room. The Video on the TV replayed itself 5 times. They need to make that longer. GRRRR!!


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