SfGadv Monster 2001 -Records?

Wednesday, November 15, 2000 1:14 PM
The way I figure it, the premier sixflags parks are Gadv and SFMM. SFMM had its record breaking monster, goliath, but quickly lost the record to MF and eventually, SD2000. If sixflags WANTED to make a run at these records, i figure that Nitro/superman would have to be their main contender. personally, I think they will shoot for longest, longest drop, or something of the sort, i dont see something taller than SD2000 being constructed too soon. But all the other big SF parks have the hyper void filled, it would seem, and it wouldnt be the first record holder/first of a kind at the 'venture.

Only other one i can think of is SFO, one of those ohio parks could definitely profit from taking some of those mf records, 'cuas despite what some think, records make excellent tools in advertising.
SFA, SFDL, SFNE, SFMM, SFGA SFOT(or is it SFFT); all have a hyper.

SFMW, SFO and SFGADV have a shot at the record books.

I feel that none o these will get the record, six flags has finally spread itself too thin.

I am really sorry about the thing of this post, but i had to get that off my chest... ahhhhh...
Wednesday, November 15, 2000 8:04 PM
Regarding records, well, check out the Dick Kinzel interview. SFMM will get decades of mileage out of Goliath, no matter how big other rides are. Ask an average SoCal resident if they've ever heard of MF or SD. I bet they haven't.

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Thursday, November 16, 2000 9:26 AM
That's why I think SFMW needs to get a hypercoaster before PGA. A hypercoaster would give them a serious leg up in the brewing park war here in Northern California. I don't think that records matter to the general public really, most of them don't know or don't care what coaster has the most inversions or the fastest speed. I think the ones that do know don't care really. Most people just want to ride a cool new coaster, case in point Medusa at SFMW. It's in no way a record breaker, but the peeps flocked to the park in droves this year and they surpassed PGA in attendance before the season was over. It's a great ride. That's really all that matters in my opinion. A ride has to be good to bring in the peeps, and most of the 2000 coasters are some of the best. I can't wait to see what companies like B&M, Intamin, Arrow, Vekoma, CCI, GCI, and Setpoint have in store for us in 2001 and beyond. :)
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