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i dont know the actual date of my trip, because i dont keep track of dates in the summer. i get to the park, and realize how uncrowded it is, almost like a monday. chiller is still testing, so i made my way to nitro. good first drop, and thats it. the rest of the ride was slow and rough, and delivered no airtime. the trims were on heavily, i could feel them as the train went by them. 8/10

went back over to chiller, and the op said they wanted to get robin open, so come back around noon. i made my way to medusa when i saw viper. ive never riddin this before, so i gave it a wack. the restraints allowed for no headbanging, which was good, because if the had arrow restraints i wouldve needed trauma surgury. the hangtime in the first roll was great, and so was the zero g's in the second. 5/10

went to medusa, which used to be my favorite coaster. this thing got rough. still no headbanging whatsoever, but it is rough. still a good ride tho, but a bit boring also. 7/10

rolling thunder anyone? bad mistake. right side, horrible. this thing was so f'ing paintful. my head kept slamming into the rock solid headrest and i couldnt stop it. i was almost crying at one point. 1/10

skull mountain. the fountains in the que were off, so it wasnt good. the ride was kool, and alot of fun 6/10

finally, the pride and joy of my day, the chiller. contrary to what the op said, robin remained closed all day, with the train in the station. it doesnt matter tho, the lapbars are so unrestricting. the luanch is incredidble, and with lapbars you can now hold your hands up the whole ride!! top hat had good g's forewards, and the zero g was amazing. backwards, the zero g was good, and the top hat delivered so much hangtime it wasnt even funny. it was te greatest coaster expierience ever. 10/10

batman the ride finally opened, so i gave it one ride because the line was long. nice and smooth, and intense 9/10

great american scream machine, the hidden gem of sfgadv. there was no line at all, it was a complete walkon. i knew something was up when the ride op told everyone in the train to let their head flow with the ride, instead of hold your head back firmly. now, i was expecting rough, but it was quite opposite. sure you have the little jerks, but it wasnt bumpy at all. the g's in the loops were amazing. my head didnt touch the otsr once, but that may be because my shoulders touch them. i loved this ride, and because there was no line, the op let us stay in the train for 10 rides, and i finally got out because i was gettin a bit dizzy. 9/10

decided to go home, rating my trip a 7/10, and wondering what happened to my ex fav rollercoaster.

No offense because you are entitled to your opinion, but I dont understand how you think that viper and great American Scream Machine are smoother than Medusa and Nitro!!! But I have to say, GASM is very smooth in the front. Medusa is far from rough (except for a bit of headbanging going into the MCBR, but who cares?) but I have found Nitro to be tempermental. In hot weather it is very shaky.

Ok I just dont understand you at all, but whatever. Its your opinion and Ill respect it. Nice trip report!

Viper smoother than Medusa??? Thats the first time I have ever heard that. Viper is just pure pain from start to finish. Those restraints are horrible. Ride should be sponsored by Tylenol, would give them good business. Scream Machine isn't bad, it has its rough spots, but overall its good.

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i never said they were smoother then nitro and medusa, i said viper was smooth, i said that i didnt have any headbanging b/c of the restraints. i also didnt say gasm was smoother, just smooth for an arrow looper

track record-28

GASM wasn't rough when I got on before it was just intense. GASM is my 2nd favortie ride in the park after Nitro I don't know what some people hate about it. Medusa I think needs to be rougher because when I went it was really smooth and you just felt like your flyin on air and it wasn't intense but if its a little rougher than its probably a good thing atleast for me.The Chiller is real good too and intense, fun ride.
I see what he is saying. Medusa has gotten a little rough since it opened and I think thats what he is comparing it to. I rode GASM 4 times in a row with little or no headbanging, I wont ride Viper. The fountains on Skull Mt are off because of drought restrictions. Also the more I ride Nitro the more I dont like it. I never have any airtime and the ride is boring. Give me Intamin. I actually prefer Sros at SFA over Nitro now.
Viper isent too rough, its just the restrainets hurt your shoulders, But I dont know what other types could be better,so whats it matter, I think Medusa has gotten rougher since it opened,but only after the cobra roll when it whips up into the brake run,but other then that its fine, to be onest Ntiro did nuthing for me last time I rode it,just like all the other times I rode it, it has gotten so slow,but I wouldent say jerkie, but maybe it is becuase every time I ride it ,it is in the morning ,maybe it needs to warm up,and the trims arent helping the sititation,but it still seems to scare everyone else.It is funny how the ride operator on the GASM is telling everyone to flow with the ride, hehe that is kinda funny to me, I was sititng in the front seat the other month a,nd I said to my freind oh god where ganna get out brains smashed ,and the operator was like you have to know the feel of the ride,and just go with it, I was like um... I know I been riding since I was like 12,and I have been on worse, and oh yea this is like my 10 coaster on my record out of about 80....and thats just a start.

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