SFGADV Hurricane Harbor Trip 6/8/02

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Ok this was my first time at Hurricane Harbor. My friend was going to come with me so I wouldnt be all alone with one of my parents. We got there at about 1:30. Ok now let me just say that the sight of no lines for ANY of the slides made me very happy.

The Park:
If you live near Six Flags Great Adventure and havent been here before, GO NOW!! This park has some of the best themeing and atmosphere of any place I have been to. It was a great carribean recreation and had nice music!

The Employees:
The Employees were truly great. They were friendly, patient and just really friendly! One attendant let my friend and I race on a slide, and she even counted down as well as announced the winner. The other employess were laughing, telling jokes, and overall just made the experience even better.

The Slides:
I have heard complaints about the lack of slides here, and I can see where people are coming from, but I had a great time with the ones that were there. I liked the 4 person raft slides, they were great (I prefer the open one more..) but the line was so slow (even though there were only about 16 people in line) and we didnt have enough weight on our raft so there wasnt enough turning or anything. Great ride none the less.

The body slides here are absolutely EVIL! This was my first big speed slide, and it lived up to all my expectations. The drop was great and it didnt hurt at all... And then I rode the enclosed twisting body slides. OWWWWW!! The g-forces were killing me, I was becoming extremely claustraphobic (even though Im not) and hitting sharp turns at high speeds realllly hurts. Even though I disliked those rides, im still gonna ride em because they give a good sense of impending death.

We then hit a 6 tube slide tower (Hurricane Mountain or something) and ride the 2 tobaggen slides and 3 of the tube slides. This slides are really fun, fast and just great! The only problem was that once again we did not have enough weight on our tobaggon so we got absolutely no banking on the turns. I really need to gain weight...

Next was a tower with 4 enclosed tube slides. These were fun, very twisty and nice and dark. The teal slide was the best (I got so dizzy) and it was overall very nice.

My friend and I then hopped onto the lazy river, which is nice but some of the land around the water needs some bigger plants.. Anyway, it was nice and relaxing, pretty warm and with a nice current.

Then we hit the wave pool! YAY! It was very warm, just what we needed (it was in the low 70's with a breeze... Burrr). Just as we got in, it closed (It closes for 15 minutes every hour) so we got annoyed and went to the water playhouse. Went there for a bit, then went back to the wavepool.

After the wavepool we hit the tube slides behind the water playhouse. These slides are so much fun, I mean those waterfalls throughout the ride are great, but they can hurt. This is the slide where the attendant let my friend and I race. It was great fun and I just give my thanks to that employee!!!

After that we got some lunch and then rerode just about everything. It was getting pretty cold so we left around 6.

In the end, I had a great time. This place blows wild water kingdom out of the picture and Ill be sure to visit again!! Also, I loved how on every tube slide you could use a 2 person tube! Thats very rare.

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Very cool and rare water park TR! Maybe we need to pay more atttention to the Hurricane Harbor's of SF!

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