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Friday, April 6, 2001 7:49 PM
The park was pretty much empty. All of the rides were walk ons. We even had a re-ride of Batman, in the front row because NO ONE was waiting in the station!!! Nitro is an airtime machine! The ride is awesome...I can't believe I got to ride it 6 times. They shut it down a few times, I hear to work on the breaks at the end of the ride. They came on pretty hard. I found that in row 5 the breaks where really horrible...I think it was because I was still out of my seat when the brakes stopped the car. OUCH!!! (But,TOTALLY worth it!!!) Medusa and Great American Scream Machine were both walk ons. As for the rest of the rides...I don't know...it was hard to get myself away from both Nitro and Medusa!!! I NEVER dreamed the park was going to be so empty...Thank You to Eden's Crush, WB, SFGAdv, Z100 and Q102 for an AWESOME evening at the park! I hope they do it again sometime! *** This post was edited by jgfama on 4/7/2001. ***
Saturday, April 7, 2001 5:56 AM
You are making me so jealous when i went last year on memorial day i thought it was empty compared to that it must have been great
Saturday, April 7, 2001 6:38 AM
I just wanted to ad that I was also there and the staff was very friendly and talkative with the guests through out the entire park. I hope this is a new trend that continues all season. It was a huge improvement in attitude compared to the usual visit. Thanks SFNJ for an awesome evening. *** This post was edited by rod on 4/7/2001. ***
Saturday, April 7, 2001 6:40 AM

SfGaFreak said:
"You are making me so jealous when i went last year on memorial day i thought it was empty compared to that it must have been great"

Sorry! But, I can't believe it myself...I NEVER thought it could ever be so empty! I've read a lot of posts from other parks where the park is a ghost town and people get re-rides but, I never imagined that Great Adventure would be that way...I've been going there for many years and I've never seen the park "re-ride empty". It was AWESOME!!!
Saturday, April 7, 2001 5:49 PM
Oh no!!!!! Not breaks!

Distance runners do it longer.
Saturday, April 7, 2001 6:59 PM
Well,i finally went Saturday afternoon/evening.We went and got our passes processed first,i couldn't believe we were in and out in 10 minutes!

My husband and i went and rode medusa while we were on that side of the park.For anyone who hasn't gone yet,they moved pass processing to Dino Island(Previously The Right Stuff) and it is so much bigger of an area.I think they finally figured out they needed to change that system.Medusa will always be a favorite of mine and a great start to my coaster season since last year i had to sit out because i was pregnant.Rite after medusa we jogged over to nitro to get warmed up,i can't say enough how incredible this ride truly is.I am so happy SFgadv finally has a hypercoaster.I love steel force but happy to be able to ride one closer to home.I met two really nice members of Ace and enjoyed every bit of my conversation with them.I have to say the upgrade to the boardwalk is really nice.I had to pat my husband on the back because he poured the concrete for that and,they are not tiles but,patterns etched into actual concrete.I was pretty impressed!The park was very slow(Probably because it was only 40 degrees) and,not even half full but,being the wimp that i am when it comes to the cold,i had to call it a night after three freezing but very exciting well worth it rides on nitro!


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