SFGAdv Coasters?

Tuesday, March 27, 2001 5:03 PM
1)Can anyone describe to me the coasters at SFGAdv besides BTR, Nitro, and Medusa? I have no clue what the others are and I can't find pictures. I need to know if it's worth a 9 hour drive.

2)Second, do they have any creative or innovative non-spin and puke rides(besides coasters)?

3)Last, what is your favorite to least favorite coaster at SFGAdv?


A Monster is Rising!! Be afraid...be very afraid!
Reptar's revenge-April 7, 2001
PKI-Kings Mills, Ohio-Wooden and Kiddie Coaster Capital of the World!
Tuesday, March 27, 2001 6:19 PM
It would take a while to list all of them!!!
Other coasters- Batman&Robin The Chiller(kinda painful), Great American Scream Machine, Rolling Thunder, Viper, a coaster in the dark (I forget the name).
Other rides- Free Fall is a 'drop-down' ride, Houdini's Great Escape (a neat illusion type 'ride'), Dino Island (or some other IMAX-type movie), Roaring Rapids, and a log flume (water ride) various spin and puke rides, ect. There are a lot of different things...I can't think of them all.
It is DEFINETLY worth the trip but, expect to wait on lines (sometimes upto 1-1.5 hours EASY). Although the Medusa line moves very quickly. I would try to get there when the park opens. It gets VERY crowded.
The Safari is also AWESOME (and I think it's now free with park admission), hit it before the amusement park opens or at like 2:30 PM (I think it closes at like 4) but, in the middle of the day the animals are usually resting in the shade.
They also have a huge water park that they just built Hurricane Harbor but, it has a seperate admission!
After just looking at the pictures of Nitro posted here
If I was you I'd drive A LOT further than 9 hours to ride that monster! IT IS ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!! Now I REALLY can't wait for the spring to begin!
Tuesday, March 27, 2001 6:57 PM
Here's a huge list I found at their site
Family Fun Rides:

1. Looney Tunes Seaport: A charming, seaside community with more than 10 attractions, including the Road Runner Railway roller coaster, Bugs Bunny Fun Factory interactive funhouse, Elmer Fudd's Weather Balloons, Sylvester's Pounce & Bounce, Yosemite Sam's Flight School and much more.
2. Houdini's Great Escape: A house of illusion that has walls, floors and ceiling all rotate around you.
3. Escape From Dino Island 3-D: A 3-D motion simulator has you dodging lava, trees, falling rocks and ravenous reptiles!
4. Skull Mountain: Indoor, in-the-dark, twisting coaster.
5. Backbeard's Lost Treasure Train: Winding, hilly, spiral track with 20-passenger sleek train.
6. Log Flume: Classic water flume ride with quick turns and plunges.
7. Enchanted Tea Cups: Control the spin on brightly colored cups & saucers.
8. Fantasy Fling: High-flying swings.
9. Pirate's Flight: Travel through the air on you private pirate ship
10. Movietown Water Effect: Water flume ride with gallons of drenching fun

Top Thrill-Seeker Rides - Six Flags Great Adventure tops the Guinness Book of Records for the most rides at any one park with 70 rides. Along with 12 coasters, the park has thrill rides that will challenge the bravest of riders, with screams, heart-pounding excitement and the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.
1. NITROâ„¢: All-new in 2001! Explosive, extreme mega coaster towering 230 feet tall, reaching speeds approaching 80 m.p.h., with relentless hills, steep drops and sharp curves on more than a mile of twisted steel.
2. MEDUSAsm : World's first "floorless" super-coaster with unrelenting twists, curves and seven loops at speeds over 60 m.p.h.
3. Batman & Robin: The Chiller: World's first twin-track linear induction motor roller coaster launching from 0 - 70 in less than four seconds.
4. Batman The Ride: Suspended, outside looping coaster
5. The Great American Scream Machine: 7-loop steel coaster
6. Stuntman's Freefall: White-knuckle 13-story freefall
7. Pendulum: Colossal size spinning, pendulum motion ride
8. Rolling Thunder: Classis dual-track wooden coaster
9. Viper: World's first standard steel coaster with a heartline inversion
10. The Twister: Flip, rock and swing on a turbulent rotating ride
Wednesday, March 28, 2001 6:07 AM
Darn right it's worth the trip!!!!! Just be sure to be there BEFORE the park opens to get the max value out of your long drive. You'll love it. The only ride that really stinks is El Sombrero on the "Waterfront" and Viper hurts. If you ride Chiller, press your head back really really hard, then you'll be OK. Have a blast!

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