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Sunday, August 11, 2002 6:40 PM

Ok It started out as needing to get a quick fix,and it was, I was at the park around 11am,and parked in the season pass parking, by 11am the parking lot was preety full, and getting more full, I thought maybe I would rent a Q-bot ,but it was closed,and so it wasent ment for me to try it out, first ride was Rollingthunder, is it me or was this ride running super rough today? It was tearing throu the track, and it was fun,but It hurt my back even when I took my back off the seat, it was realy painfull, but I tryed again in another seat same ride, all it needs is some cushion for ur back..., then ,I thought to give Viper a chance to prove itself to me. I get into the staiton with almost no one in it ,I get in the back train,and strap in, sitting right (straight up) with the shoulder harnest firmly on my shoulders lapbar snug, it makes some funny noicses going up the hill,and then we hit the unbanked turn, going down the drop was fun then it tor up the track a little rough and hangin throu the first inversion, then as we wiggeled throu, it tor down and into a real rough turn, slamming my body from side to side ,up and down and my head going with it trying not to slam my jaw into the harnest, since (I was alone I did some invisigation on my own while going up the lift, if you look under the yellow covers there is just a thin black fome over the metal of the harnest,like the stuff you cover heat pipes with, thats all.) Back to the ride... then screaming in pain, as it swept the train at a good 45mph throut he zero G roll, it was ok ,untill we slam throu some small bairly banked turns into the brakes which rush to stop us within feet from the station. I sit there,and see a machanic walking under the ride in which I yelled "Viper sucks!",and he heard me good maybe they can do somthing about it. I love rollercoaster,but with somthing like Viper it is the parks proplem ,not the coaster,and it should be fun,coaster should be fun not asault you. Getting out my neck was red,and my shoulders bothered me which by the way are minorly bruised right now. Then onto Medusa, 2 train wait,and we where off the ride is ok I gave it a break last season,not riding as rough as last time,but making alot more noises I have never heard from it like sparks being made, (kinda like how the GASM sounds going throu its course). AFter that we sat on a bench to let the nausia medication wear in eating hot dogs, which by the wya are $2.50 ,but what ur going to do about it, if any park out there is listening make affordable food etc. Then after a good 20min sittin int he great sade we walked to the Sky ridem scross the park we saw many people getting over the other side Via-sky tram,or just walking, to try and cool off I rode the poland spring plunge, by the way the entrance sign it has is the same as the Jaranmo falls new name at Hurricane Harbor.

I love that little ride,and have been riding it for years, then I saw Nitro it had about a 10min wait, by the time I got there it was about 15, waiting alone, it was hot! why hasent the park put some type of shade over this que line? its in all direct sunlight, they only but a little peice of shade before you get near the stairs,and that is only so if somthing falls off the ride no one is hit with it. Finding my way to the back seat, I sit and strap in, there seemed to be some new ride attedents with a stapeling proplem!, I told her dont crush me with the lapbar you see how it is, its fine, they even went as far as to put there foot up on the lapbar and push it down! (on some)

One thing I heard somewhere is checking height,they wait till the whole train is locked to check ,then they hold up the train, ugh.... watching the park from the lift hill I see movie town is the most crowded section of the park. everything will lines over 15mins. Then we get to the top of the hill,and I hold on just becuase ,I feel rasing ur hands dosent give you that full feel of the ride. She was moving fast today,and wasent as bad as my last ride. Getting off the ride I relize like always that the exit has so many ramps! going back and forth for a long time, after a 5min walk off the ramp I get a bottel if water and sit in some shade again, in that heat, you have to take breaks or you will faint. Walking to the boardwalk I opt for a abusive ride on the Scream Machine,and find no line, they have only been running two traisn since the season started which are blue,and red, the White one is in the strage areas next to the staion all beat up with dirty shoulder harnest ,and the metal showing throu them. Surprisingly the harnest it has now are holding up very well compared to what they use to be like,maybe a difrent materal is being used?, after droping off we soared up into the firt loop wow real high up, I love seeing how the train curves up infront of you the way it dose, its great, after that the trim brake was on so hard,and we slowed down from about 50mph to about 45mph which is good becuase going throu that turn years ago before the brake was added was the worst part of the ride, since ur head would be smashed into the harnest, going up into the other two loops always give me this feeling of being younger,and scared of that ride,and I laugh, hearing everyone scream its so much fun, its music to my ears, to hear everyone having a great time.

After hitting the mid-coruse brakes hard we slowly made it throu the rest of the ride, again hearing everyone scream makes the ride, as we sluged throu the rest of the ride since it was hot my body stuck to the seat cuasing exstream pain on my skin, it was like getting indian burn on my back and arms,and shoulders. Since I was alone again I looked at the cushion ont he seat, lifitng it , I notice it is stuck to the seat with felcrow. After that I headed torn Rolling thunder ,and Viper again Rollingthunder was moving faster,but the red trainwasent as rough as the blue train which whiped my back arlier in the day, Viper was still a mess,and its funny how the track vibrates after the ride went throu its coruse,then after Viper I wanted to ride Runaway Train waiting one train I sat in the front seat, laughing,and screaming in pain as it whiped throu the turns ,and hops, is it me or is it coaster like runaway train that are so much more fun when you are with ur freinds or family? Then I walked back to the car ,and we where off by this itme the parking lot was preety full,and they where about to use the second lots within that hour, I left for home at 1:50pm,and that shows that if you play ur card right, at any park there is no reasonto be there so long, which is somthing I had to prove to myself. P.s If there is any misspeled words etc in here, its no t my fault for some reason when I try to make corections if I delete one word it messes up the sentance (another deletes too etc).

Wednesday, August 14, 2002 8:33 PM
Some aweomse planning on your part! I love the big AROOW mega loopers.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Thursday, August 15, 2002 6:20 AM

I'm sure that they rushed right out to buy a new coaster after your Rhodes scholar-like remark of "Viper SUX!!!"

Why do you have to have a license to own a dog, but not to have a child?

Thursday, August 15, 2002 10:05 AM

The blue and white trains have been running all season. Every time I've been there (maybe 20 times) it's always been white and blue.

If you hated Viper so much, why would you ride it again? There is a fine B&M creation about 150 feet from Viper. Its' big, its' lime green, and it can turn you to stone :)

How much more floorless can they get?

Saturday, August 17, 2002 4:28 PM
When I went there last GASm was running the red and the white.



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