SFGAdv and Nitro 4/28

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Sunday, April 29, 2001 12:34 PM
Hey everyone, I made my first trip of the season to Great Adventure with my high school. It was a Saturday and on top of that BSA and Renaissance day, so schools from all over the tri-state area were attending the park. Here is how it turned out:

Nitro: Easily slipped into my #1 overall spot, beating out SFA's S:ROS. The airtime and speed are amazing on this ride, with airtime almost every hill and speed coming right at you...especially in the front seat. I think that the first drop is actually steeper than 66 degrees, it felt steeper that S:ROS' drop. THE BEST COASTER EVER MADE! 2 laps.

Medusa: Awesome as always. Waited for the front seat and had a nice ride. Good sensation of speed. 1 lap.

That was about all we could fit in the coaster department. We didn't bother with Rolling Thunder, Runaway Train, or Skull Mountain. Viper was closed, Batman had a 2 hour wait which is too long for Batman, and Chiller had a full queue with only the Batman side open, so we didn't bother with that either. GASM also had a 2 hour wait so we skipped it. I finally got the chance to do a Skycoaster, and aside from it being the scariest experience of my life, it was great and would certainly do it again. Aside from a few flat rides and a lunch break, that was my day at Great Adventure. I rode Nitro, and that's all that matters.

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