SFGAdv and Coney Island 8/22-8/23 GREAT!!!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2001 8:24 PM
On wednesday I woke up early with my sister to make the drive from manhattan to SFGAdv. We arrived around 10:05, and we drove to the season pass entrance. I had a season pass and i had a pre-purchased ticket for sis. I get there, and the guard said "ABSOLUTLY NO TICKETS!!" My sis (typacal new yourka,lol) threw a fit, but he made us tred to the main gate. When we got in, we proceeded to nitro but it didnt open until 11:00. Instead, we went to batman the ride, it was only a 10 minute line. This is always fun, especially the front seat. On our way up the lift, they opened Nitro!! I looked at my watch and it said 10:47. Grrr! After that we hit the bathrooms and lined up for nitro, and my sis was scared but i got her on the second row. She loved it, as did i , but that was my 42nd time this season. Truely, "Spectaculah". I rode again while she rested. 15 Minute line, but worth it. We next hit skull mountain an indoor steel mini, and this actually had a 10 minute line. It was fun but a little painful. After this, we walked and got some M&M's. It was 12:10, but the park was empty!! Next was Medusa, always a charming floorless coaster. I actually got her on the front, and she even pushed me to ride again! This was a WALKON!! Bizarre, right? So after 3 rides we hit the saw mill log flume, 25 minute wait! Next was Rolling thunder, right side of this rickety old woodie. This side is the more painful, sucky side of RT. We looked at poor viper and there was a guy walking by the tracks!!Hmmm... Next i hit the scream machine(arrow looper) for a walkon (sis has had a bad expierience with it long ago) and then we hit the twister. Really fun flat ride that spins you upside-down on a weird axis! We stopped at Nathans for a hot dog, then proceeded to houdidini, but it closed for some reason. Instead we hit Big Wheel - 10 minute wait. This is the spot for a great view of Nitro. And whatta you know, but i see a Robin car!! It had lapbars, and it was completely re-done in an all new style. It looked cool, but there was only one!?!?. We drooled over the motionless Evolution(sob) and I hit the chiller, a LIM dueling shuttle looper.. It had a 50 minute line, but i did it anyway. Sis sat in shade and read. We headed to congo rapids but it had a 1+1/2 hour wait. So, we hit nitro once more with a 40 minute wait, but i grabbed an empty seat twice afterwards so i got 3 rides. It was now 7:30, and we headed to Wok+Roll. Good Chinese. we kind of relaxed a little, and got back out around 8:20. We hit Nitro once more, in the front (by now it was dark). Theres nothing like a face full of bugs on that first drop at night. Seriously, it is like riding through the woods in the dark. I slept all the way home because i need rest for the next day...
We arrived at Coney Island around 12:30, just as everything was opening. We hit the cyclone first, my first ride ever!! This was pure, 100% coaster, and it was truely amazing. Shure it jars you left and right, but it is just too fun and enjoyable - always moving. Next we hit the Enterprise, and then we did these cool Go-Karts. a walk on the boardwalk brought us to Deno's wonderland, and we hit the wonder wheel. This was really cool because the cars are actually on a track!! after this we did some indoor bumper cars, and played at an arcade. We next hit the Jumbo Jet, a cool but painful steel twister. This was when i decided i had to hit the cyclone once more. When i hit it, some  Japanese group was filming riders and me! the camera man was wearing a ghostrider shirt, but he was speaking japanese so i didnt speak. To end the day, we had "the original" Nathans hotdogs. No offense, but it was pretty seedy around town and the rides were in bad shape except for the cyclone.
1)- Nitro, 2)- S:ROS(sfne), 3)- Kraken, 4)- Alpengeist, 5)- Incredible Hulk

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Friday, August 24, 2001 8:36 PM
How was chiller riding?? Of all the times i've been there I haven't ridden it all year. The lines either been too long or it's was down.


Saturday, August 25, 2001 8:10 PM
The chiller was running fine, but it was rough as always. I really cant wait until the batman side gets lapbars, it will be really amazing on the return trip through the top hat. I forgot some other things: The trim break on top of medusas lift was completely off, making the ride really fun. Also, Nitros trim before the hammerhead was almost off, making a slight "thud" instead of the usuall "swishhhh". The midcouse on Nitro was on a little harder than i remember, but whatada you gonna do?
*My Personal Top 10*
1)-Nitro, 2)-S:ROS(sfne), 3)-Kraken, 4)-Alpengeist, 5)-Incredible Hulk

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