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Six Flags Great Adventure

We arrived near opening and paid the $10 to park. I found some nice gravel to park on to get my $10 worth. It was still warm out today so this kept the crowds We deicided to head to the right side of the park and ride those coasters first.

The Chiller, Robin- (premier shuttle launch) Batman couldn’t find his tights today so it was just Robin. Hit this right away to avoid the long line, got lucky and road it again after a brake down so our wait was minimal. The launch is intense and it flies though the cobra roll. My favorite part of the ride though was the roll heading backwards. Really intense and great with no OTSR’s. My favorite launched shuttle, which doesn't say much but hey (A-).

Batman: The Ride (B&M Invert)- Short and intense, just like everyone makes it to be. Good theming on this one too. (B+)

Nitro (B&M Hyper)- To the back right for my first ride which I dub the money seat. . I heard it was running at tad slow because of the switch to poly wheels but with the heat I felt it ran great. After a good first drop the 2nd hill caught me off guard and I was thrown up and and out to the right. The 2nd hill is my favorite part of the ride, and not because it’s “cool.” The next few camelbacks yanked me up and out. The helix was great and intense so another gray out for me. The bunny hops still offered some nice subtle air. Very smooth of course and those chairs are so comfey I nearly fell asleep when we were stopped on the brake run for 10 minutes. My last ride left a little room with the bar and got to experience a standup-floorless coaster. :)(A)

(Oh, What's up with the reset noise on this ride? For out last ride of the day when our train was stopped on the run, The ride-reset sound was a loud foghorn, which I think left me deaf in one ear)

Skull Mountain (Intamin Family Coaster)- Somewhat fun running around in the dark but I fond it to be painful for a family coaster as I was shoved up against the hard steel sides a few times (C-)

Then we the front end of the other side of the park. I did not care much for the pain theme

GASM (Arrow mega looper)- I could re-ride Drachen Fire and Steel Phantom but I don’t even want to set foot near this thing again. The got banged around in every inversion, even the loops, which are usually pretty smooth on arrows. I did not enjoy this GASM. (D)

Viper (Togo spinny thingy coaster)- I thought there was more into this ride than just a few heatlines but I guess not. Those shoulder restraints killed my neck. Best part of the ride was the heartline rolls. (C-)

Rolling Thunder (Wooden piece of garbage)- Rode the right side in 1-3 and got nothing. No laterals, no air just a train rolling around the course shaking like thunder. Wonders where they got the name. I thought this was the worst wooden coaster I had ever ridden but my opinion did change later. (D-)

After I took some aspirin and visited my chiropractor, There were better things...

Medusa (B&M Floorless) This is now my favorite floorless. The first half was well executed and the Zero-G roll was great. The 2nd half I wasn’t too impressed with but still a good ride (B+)

Runaway Train (Runaway Train)- Sat in the back and actually got some air! I though at some points this was very fast for a mine train. The location is good but the theming is a little off, not much too it. The only thing I don’t like is the lap bars which are metal with no padding (B-)

We left the park in about 6 hours as Nitro broke down and we wanted to get a head start on the way to NY City.

Capacity- every train was on and running except for a one-train op on Rolling Garbage. The Medusa crew was stacking 3 trains constantly but the Nitro crew rolled in a few with no stoppage with a three-train op. Very impressive. The major downfall for all the rides was lack of height checking so they had to release restrains and check on the rides. Great for the most part though (B+)

Atmosphere/Theming-Good theming in some areas like the chiller. The park was clean but some areas needed some sprucing up. Rolling Thunder looks as bad as it rides (B)

Operations- No complaints here. Prices are ridiculous but that was expected. Staff was good for the most part (A)

Overall - I thought this was a well ran park with good rides. I wish every Six Flags Park could follow their management style along with a few of the others who know what's going on. (A-)

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Good TR, to bad you didnt have much fun on GASM, go on any flats?

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

Sounds like you had a great time overall! What were the other floorless coasters you've ridden prior to Medusa?

If GASM is more rough then drachen fire,and steel phantom where then why where they recked?, to me GASM is tolratoable,the Runaway Mine Train dose need some new lapbars or just a seatbelt that is controled via ride operator like on flying coaster or just new trains in genaral, if it had new trains,it would re-invent that ride, if any SFGAdv exsecutive reads this please floow suit on that. I also have to agree with you that after the mid course brakes or first half of Medusa it isent impressive, to be onest, I wouldent mind if it kelpt going straight into a bunny hop to cover some distance back to the station then, a quick helix ,and into the brakes , the ride is so boring after the first half,cant even belive it,and yes Skull mountain dose need some padding in its trains, it can be painfull on the knees if sitting in the front seats of each car of the train, and I agree that rolling thunder is garbage compared to other woodies around. I relized that after remembering Roar, lighting racer,Thunderhauk,and many more, and if some people down in Ohio think Meanstreak sucks, I'll trade them for Rollingthunder.

I did not go on many flats becuase most of them I can do at my home parks. We did do some hudini mirage ride which was OK.

I have ridden BKF B:TDK, and Medusa.

As for GASM I don't know. I have ridden a few Mega Loopers like Drachen Fire, Vortex, Steel Phantom, and Viper yet had no real problem with them and would ride at least twice. I could have rode over a wheel assembely or something.

That reset noise is a loud horn, because if there is a train on the mcb (which frequently happens with resets), it just lets them know they'll get going soon. Don't ask why they don't use the intercom, because I know they have one on the mcb.

How much more floorless can they get?

I was there a few days ago and Batman side was closed andI wanted to ride it. Does anyone know why it is closed.


I liked Gasm a lot it was smooth when I went and Medusa is a little boring but the zero G roll is the best. The Mine Train has ejector airtime especially on the hill over the lake and it is fast if they just make trains that could help your legs have room and new lap bars this would be a good ride. RT just needs to be shut down and be worked on cause it needs it and open up racing with one train backwards it would be better.

I have to disagree here I like Batman KF (SFWOA) much better than Medusa. I have ridden Medusa well over 100x so far and my 10 rides on BKF were better than any of those

The coolest thing about Medusa is seeing the safari monkeys climbing all over people's cars by the mid-brake.

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