SFGADV, 8/10/03, crowded...

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I arrived at 9:30.

Went to the season pass entrance for the first time ever, (not sure why I never used it before).

When the ropes dropped, there was a mad dash, and I was not part of it. Having ridden SUF more than 20 times, it was getting a little old, and not worth running for. So, I ran to Rolling Thunder, by myself. I rode in the first train (coaster 1, red train), in the last row. (I asked the ops if they would race today and he said "hopefully".) Wow, that ride blew.

10:15 - Then I went to Viper, rode in the front row, I was the only one on the train. I usually hate this ride and never ride it more than once. Today, I found myself riding it 3 times. If you hold your neck real stiff, it isn't bad, and also don't pull the restraint down too tight on your shoulders.

10:20 - Then I went to Medusa, closed.

10:30 - Then I went to Runaway Train, walk on, not a bad mine train.

10:45 - 10 minute wait - 2 train op - Rode GASM, I like this ride more and more everytime I ride it, just keep
your neck stiff and hold on. I saw that SUF's line was at least an hour, so I opted to wait til later.

11:00 - Ride nitro, 3 train op, 15 minute wait, back row, great as usual.

11:15 - Ride BTR, 2 train op, 5 minute wait, intense!

11:20 - went to ride BTR again and discovered a 30 minute wait, left the line and headed to Chiller

11:25 - Chiller closed for the day

11:30 - I see that freefall has a 20 minute wait, I decide to ride it later.

12:00 - went to KFC on rt. 537, Honey BarBQ sandwich for just 99 cents, mmmmmmmm.

12:30 - Ride Rolling Thunder, red train, front row, ahhh, much better than the back row

12:45 - 2 train op, 15 minute wait, got another ride on Viper, front row, still like it

1:00 - Medusa open!!!!, 60+ minute wait, 2 train op, not worth it

1:15 - Skull mountain, 2 train op, 10 minute wait, just trying to stay cool

1:30 - Head back to freefall expecting short line, what do I see instead... 60 minute wait

1:45 - Spinmeister 15 minute wait, never ridden it before, it was pretty good, i'll definitely ride it in the future

2:00 - Holy Crap! What is that I see operating through those trees?!?!? That's right JJF. I was psyched, having never ridden it, and my reaction, , it was ok, nothing special, sure made me nauseos (sp?).

2:15 - Viper, 20 minute wait, front row, 2 train op, still not bothering me

2:30 - Check out Medusa's line again, 90+ minute wait, heh, no

2:45 - (3 train op) GASM's line, queue'd all the way up, line coming out past the sign, 90 minute wait, umm, maybe later

3:00 - Twister, closed all day, grrrr, lots of things closed today

3:15 - Nitro, 40 minute wait, front row, nice to be reminded of why this is my favorite in the park

BTR's line = 2+ hours, no kidding
Freefall = 1+ hours
Medusa = 1.5+ hours
Nitro = 1+ hours
GASM = 1.5+ hours

O yea, the line at the Fast Lane/Lo Q building was out to the fountain, all day!!!
Half the people probably didn't realize that it costs money.
There had to be about 200 people in line for that.

Fast lane registration line = 1 hour

All in all, it was a decent day, until the crowds came in around 1:00.
Would have liked to have ridden RT-left side, and chiller, but oh well.

Robin's train was sitting on the track behind the station, on the outside of the building.

The JJF was closed when I went on Monday.
Is that normal crowds for a Sunday? I'm going to the park for the first time this Sunday, and while I don't mind crowds and just take them in stride, I didn't think it'd be that bad the day before everyone has to go back to work. Does SFGAdv buck this trend cause of its location to the east coast megaopolis?

Give me launched or give me ... uh ... more launched!!

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