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Tuesday, August 6, 2002 7:20 PM

I got there at 9:30 and found an empty parking lot. We got there and noticed they moved the rope drop closer to the Ferris Wheel. We were going to get a Q-Bot But with 4 people including me it was to much $$$$.

They opened the rope drop and we ran right to Chiller. We got first ride of the day in the front seat. The launch felt weird because it made a loud noise before it launched. But overall it was a nice ride. We saw Nitro was closed so we went to Batman The Ride. On the way we noticed they added a new game where they used to have the Batman car I think.

Batman had a two train wait for the front row. It was a nice ride. In 2 parts I greyed out for a second. Pretty intense for an Inverted. Then we went to Nitro which was opening. First let me say that it was the most pathetic ride I have ever had on it. I had been on it 101 times before and it was running horrible. It felt like 60 mph on the first drop. I thought it was going to have a roll back. I didn't get to ride it again because my friend couldn't wait for 10 min because he was too scared:(

Then we went and rode Choas. Nice flipping ride. We then played a game where you shot a basketball into a hoop. I won and got a Garfield basketball. Then we went towards GASM and the Boardwalk.

We first went on GASM which was sooo rough and the only part that was OK was the first drop. I like suicide. LOL. Then we walked over to Dino Island to find a 10 minute wait. I had been on this one about 10 time before so it was nothing new but it was a good ride. Also after my Nitro ride I noticed they got 2 big screens for people who were looking at there on-ride photo if they were going to ride it.

Then I payed 7 bucks and rode the go-carts. Pretty good ones but they were pretty slow. Then I wanted to ride the Skyscraper, Turbo Force so I payed the 8 bucks and got on. I rode with my sister but they made us sit on opposite sides. The ride is awesome especially when we sat at the top for 5 minutes. My sister was sooo scared even though she rides everything.

Then I went to go to lunch. We ate at a restraunt called Granny's House I think. A huge restraunt with the whole outside pink. I sat there looking at Evolution and I was annoyed that it isn't open this year. After lunch I went and got 2 walk-on rides on Choas. Nice rides. After that we went to the blue ride where you stand up and it goes around in a circle. I can't remember what that is called. While we were there we hopped on the pirate ship Bucanner and the little coaster Black Beard's Lost Treasure Train. The train hold 40 passenger with 20, 2 across rows. There weren't using 1/3 of the train though.

After that we went to Rolling Thunder and Viper. Both were a walk-on. Rolling Thunder was the same with the horrible buzzbar IMO. It was rough and boring though. Viper was even rougher. The heartline-roll and the corkscrew in the rings are the only good parts of the ride. As I sit here I look at my shoulder with cuts on them from the roughness of Viper. It didn't cut my skin it just made it so you can see the blood. We looked at Medusa line but it was 30 min so but we wanted to do other things.

Then we reserved the skycoaster for 5:00 then we went to Stuntman's Freefall. It was a good ride. Then we went to the slow bumper cars. While we rode them we noticed Chiller was opening back up.(After 2 ride cycles it closed then opened back up at 4:00, so we were lucky do get the first ride in the front seat. We got off the Bumper Cars and ran to Chiller. A 2 train wait for somewhere in the middle. A better ride and it was pretty smooth 2. Earlier in the day my sister rode Nitro again and said it was running a little better.

Then we went back to the skycoaster. We had to wait for 20 min before getting into our suits. I had been on the one at Cedar Point and I pulled the ripcord. So this was my 2nd. While we waited we put Six Flags Tokens in the Foot Massagers which we had gotton in an arcade earlier today. If you sit on them the start to get hot but they feel good. LOL. We got on the skycoaster. I was on the left, so I wasn't pulling the ripcord. The ride was great. It holds you at the top for 5 seconds before they say 3,2,1, FLY!!. AT Vedar Point they take you up and right away say 3,2,1, FLY!!.

The ride is always a rush though. We bough thte video but it was horrible. The one at Cedar Point was better because it showed the park before they showed the skycoaster. Also on the video at SFgadv you can't see our faces while we were high in the air. After that we left. Overall it was a good day except for Nitro. A lot of things changed since last time I went in June.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2002 9:48 PM
Great TR! I hope I will ride a skycoaster some time.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!


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