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Friday, August 3, 2001 11:51 AM
This is the summary or re-cap version, full version comming momentarily.

The Day: Hot, yet not unbearable.
The Park: Mostly Clean, very efficient.
The Crowds: Moderate (light for Gadv), well behaved.

The rides:
Pendulum: Favorite flat ride. Fun and intense.
Batman: The Chiller - Fun. Very disorenting. A little more headbanging than Mr. Freeze.
Batman: The Ride - a little less themeing than the original. Same intense ride quality.
NITRO - Nice "floaty" hyper. Very re-rideable.
Skull Mountain - Not much, but hey, it's in the dark
Houdini's Great Escape - Very Effective
Medusa - Nice, but not as perfect as Kraken.
Rodeo (?)- Average Breakdance
Rolling Thunder (right)- Sucked so bad it made me laugh!
Taz Twister - A rotor always pleases.
Jumping Jack Flash - Bark worse than it's bite. Great fun.
GASM - Roughest steel coaster I've ridden. Drastically different from Shockwave @ SFGAm.
The Twister - Good ride. Not my cup of tea.
Saw Mill Log Flume - Long relaxing flume, mimimal wetness.
Runaway Train - Better than average Mine train. Slightly painful bunny hill
BlackBeard's Lost Treasure Train - It's a kiddie coaster nothing more (CHA-CHING)
Riptide - Shorter relaxing flume, slightly wetter.

Overall Opinion: Gadv is a park I will return to. There is a ton of stuff to do. I'd really like to see it when ALL of the flat rides are operating.
"Nobody writes about the planes that land." Steve Salerno Washington Times 7-10-01
Friday, August 3, 2001 3:10 PM
right side is the bad one. Left side is the complete opposite.

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