sfgadv 7\28 (viper trains are back!!) long!!

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Sunday, July 29, 2001 1:56 PM
well, in the garage area of the station anyway. for the first time this year I saw the trains yesterday.

had a great couple of hours at the park.
I showed up at about 10:15 prepared to get fastlane passes and run for nitro, but changed my mind when I saw the line for the fastlane passes (guess more of the gp knows about these now, I remember when I used to be alone in line to get them...LoL)
anyway, I decided to walk over to the season pass entrance and get some passes there, and the line wasn't long at all, so I got my passes. and now... my first ever complaint about fastlane.
I really love the idea of these passes but I have a small problem..
I was by myself at the park and just wanted one of each. I didn't plan on staying all day, but because of a stupid "2 hour in between rule" on the passes, I couldn't even use all of them.
I mean why couldn't they make an exception for one person by themselves? it was 10:30 and because of the rule, the guy hands me a pass to nitro at 5:30.... oh well, I guess I am just being picky and selfish...

on to rolling thunder. I was like the 6th or 7th person on the ride today.. and it was a nice warmup... the far turnaround (I was on the left track) is as smooth as I have ever felt it on this ride...
and the airtime was incredible . I have never spent so much time out of my seat on this ride!!!
todays rating:3.5

walked to medusa and that's when I spotted the viper trains
medusa was a walk on with a 1 train wait for front row.
still my favorite looper and my second favorite ride next to nitro.
rating: 4.5

I decided to take the sky ride to the other side so I could see if anything was going down in the woods or anywhere else in the park for that matter. plus my first appointment was on the chiller at 11:30

now, my big plea for the day...
when I got to movietown I was shocked... people where everywhere. at 10:45 in the morning, frontier adventures and basically that whole side of the park was empty. and I do mean empty. but movietown, heheheh movietown had a full blown midday, mid summer crowd. 1-12 hours on b:tr, 2 hours on chiller...etc etc...
if there is to be a new coaster next year... whether it be another people eater, or a low capacity impulse, i dont care... but....
i understand that nitro is new and is drawing crowds, as it should.. but its just obscene in movietown...

anyway, i decided to sit down and relax for a little while till it was time to get on the chiller, i did so and then got on the ride.
now i cant wait until robin returns, because that line for batman is ridiculous. glad i got a fastlane pass.. anyway i love this ride.
the launch is awesome and it makes me wonder how incredible hypersonic must be at pkd. anyway, i am lucky enough to be a big guy with a pretty strong neck and i can keep my head still enough to avoid serious pain. although i definitly see what people complain about.
good ride.
rating: 4.0

then on to my addiction.....
i got in line as it was curling out the entrance and wondered just how long the line would take...so i timed it.. with three trains, and a crew busting butt, it took 35 minutes. this beast really blows through a crowd. an overflowing queue, and nitro just sneezes at it and proceeds to move people through at a furious pace.. mega props to B&M for the 36 person per train capacity, and even more respect to the ride ops for taking a designed people eater and making it do what it's supposed to do.

now to my second complaint about fastlane.
it took me 30 minutes to get into the station on nitro and i decided to head for the second row and test my luck.
(wait for second row, then jump up front if there's an open seat. i do it all the time when i am at the park alone....)
but, no... they gave second row to the fastlane!!!
now let me put it this way, i love fastlane, but one of the things that makes it fair(or should make it fair) is that the people with passes dont get good seats (usually in the middle of a train)
that other people are waiting an hour for depending on the ride.
i really didnt think it was right to give them second row..

anyway, i got lucky anyway. as i was gonna jump in the second, since there were no fastlaners, i saw a seat open up in the front.
even the ride op had to laugh when i told him how lucky i was...

a 35 minute wait for front row, damn i'm lucky!!!
this ride rocks, and it has done something i didnt know possible.
it has broken in, and gotten faster.
no really, it got faster!!!!!
rating: perfect 5.0

finished off my day with a lap on batman the ride
still a great ride with awesome g's

well, that does it, sorry its so long.

Sunday, July 29, 2001 2:25 PM
The fastlane at SFGAm doesn't tell you when to go to a certain ride. What's up with SFGAdv with a time to go to a certain ride?

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Sunday, July 29, 2001 2:29 PM
i think it's just two different systems.. don't you guys pay for yours? ours are free and we have appointments.
Sunday, July 29, 2001 7:46 PM
Hudnalfr, it sounds right now like you don't have to worry about a new coaster for next year, as they've announced "Escape From Alcatraz" (doesn't mean nothing else is coming of course). As for where the crowds were hanging out, that's very typical of any themepark. People naturally go to the first attractions they see.

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