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Normally I wouldn't write a tr, but I was at the park from 10 - 10 today, and happened to pick up some things.

I had a left over ticket from last year, and I wanted to see if the ticket-takers wouldn notice, and if I could get my cousin in. Sure enough, they took it we were in around 10:45. The park looked fairly empty.

First was chiller. Of course, I've ridden Robin with the retro-fitting.When I was here two weeks ago, they were replacing the LIMS so I couldn't get a taste of the new Batman. Well, after a 20 minute wait, I was on my first ride. This thing is great, but it is almost "wreckless". I kind of found the transitions to be jerky, but other than that it was fun. The Zero-G roll is insane. Don't shoot me, but I think I prefer Robin more.

Wow! The B+R theming was at full blow today! Not only were all the lights on, but as were the fans and all the noises.

I noticed that the On-Ride photo system has been completly removed from the chiller. All that is left are the poles on which the cameras were mounted.

So next, we did something weak (really weak) and did the autobahn. Weak bumper cars, but it was fun, I guess...

So, with astonishing luck, WATER EFFECT WAS OPEN!! A fairly small shoot the chutes, Movie Town Water Effect was actually open today! It was getting hot, and the line was only 5 minutes, so we did it. From here, I saw the Chiller line snaking it's way outside.

After scouting the line for batman, I said screw it. Saw the line for Nitro, it wasn't bad. But, this was the first time all season I've seen it only running two trains. I definetly got some GREAT Nitro rides today. Because the rest of my group strolled around the seaport, I just took any empty seats, got 4 rides in. All of these, by the way, were 3 click rides. Meaning, in the back row, at 90 degrees out, I was literally standing on the first drop. Ohh yes, For those who proclaim that the on-ride photo trim is only emergency, think again. It was on, but very lightly. Btw, if you ride, and you hear some strange creaking noises, It's the anti-roll back devices. I only heard them on the third hill, but the sudden transition from Negative G's to Positive G's makes the arbd's shake and move around, making the sound of a creaking ship.

Some of my best rides so far!

Next we hit Congo rapids. Uggh, this line is hideous! like 300 people are jammed into that little queue house and there is like no air. Same ol' Congo, I managed to escape the waterfall.

Now, we were hungry. Quick hot dog, and we got to skull mt. for a 5 minute wait. The ride isn't the same without the pumpkin, but otherwise, its just blahhh.

I took the back way, across from the main street arcade. I went in and asked for Kyle, but he wasn't working.

I was with the ultimate in Kavetchers today, so we had to do the Log Flume. Only a 20 minute wait, Gotta love the new water cannons.

And, so just as we get off that, Mine Train opens up. Now, I remember why I don't ride this often. OUCH! Typical Arrow, making those curves like that in the helix. I was able to scout out Medusas line, and it looked short.

Finally, we get back to my Medusa. The line streached back to the little vendor carts, but none of the queues were filled. Ten minutes later, we're in the station on row 3. Good ride, I was very impressed today. I am glad the park has refrained from activating the top trim, which (when on) usually kills the drop.

I got my little re-ride, and I was on row 7. Well, it felt like the damn thing had square wheels! The vibration was almost painful.

So, we stopped at Best of the West for a snack, and decided to skip rolling Thunder (left side was open). We just kind of mingled around, playing an occasional game. Getting up to the boardwalk, Twister (topspin) had no line, so what the heck? The ride op announced "Welcome to topspin", I was like whatttt?

So, me being my typical self, went to ride gasm. Yeah, so I get in the damn thing, and the other train gets stuck on the lift. I had to get out, wait 10 minutes, and then I could ride. Every trim was on extreemly hard, and the wheels were again square! Why do I bother? SOMEONE KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO ME!

I want to sum this up, so basically, I went back to Nitro, had 3 more great rides, and 1 horrible stapleing, but its all good. The square wheels on row 5 were horrible! I also got on Batman after a breakdown, so I waited 2 minutes for 3 rides. Batmans' theming is also full today. All of those spinney lights and the music were all on, and the fan was on in the storm drain tunnel.

And, just as I get off Batman, I see Robin testing. I begin to salivate, and I get over to a 10 minute wait. Very good Robin, Gotta love the cobra roll. I was also talking to a guy wearing a Holiday World shirt about sfgam and V2.

Yeah, so I'm pooped and I need to sleep! Thanks for reading!

How much more floorless can they get?

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Nice TR!


New to this but...Three click ride...Isnt that suicide?

Drive It Like You Stole It!

Ride It Like You Own It!

Not quite. It may feel like it, but you really can't come out of the seat to a dangerous level, trust me. I'm really skinny, so if anyone came out, it would be me!

How much more floorless can they get?

One time I really stretched it and managed four clicks. It was the best air I've ever had, it was like riding Phoenix with that floater air but on a hypercoaster. That was one of the greatest single rides I'd ever been on. The next trip I got stapled every time though.

I agree.....Nitro and Medusa both felt very bumpy when i went saturday. I think the need to replace the wheels.

Good TR.

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I've said it before in my subprofile and on Coasterbuzz, and I'll say it again: The Three-Click Experience -- It's like angels on Ritalin.

By the way, I was there several days ago and also had some great Nitro rides, but the big surprise of my day, like you said, was that the Robin side was finally open. I liked it better than the Batman side...cooler inversion and not as rough...an all-around winner.

As for Skull Mountain, I had the pumpkin on...what happened to you? We also took 10 straight laps before close because, to my surprise, this thing was a BEAST on Sunday night. Could have just been me (or my OBSCENELY high lapbar height... ) but it was awesome.

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