SFgadv 7/11 Short visit.

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 12:07 PM
My husband came home super early from work yesterday so,i took advantage and went to the park by myself in hopes for short lines since it is midweek.

I entered the Season pass entrance and went to Rolling Thunder.It was a one train wait and,for the first time i actually caught it with both sides racing.The ride was not too bad and i took the left side track and we won.
Next up,Medusa.It had a 40 minute wait which seemed like forever when your standing in line by yourself but,the security guards were out in full force and i enjoyed watching all the line cutters get busted.Medusa was running beautifully and,i got some floater Airtime coming out of the loop and going down out of the dive inversion.
I decided i would head for Nitro since the park had a moderate crowd of daycamp groups.Nitro was a 30 minute wait at most and,the ride ops were doing an excellent job of getting the trains dispatched quickly.I was suprised to see heavy security at the Nitro queue too but again,i enjoyed watching people get busted.I realize being a single rider has great advantages because, when i entered the station they were calling for groups of two and when i yelled i was a group of one,they waved me rite on to an end empty seat.
They were also filling the fastpass seats when there were no fastpass riders waiting and,same went for Medusa.After i got off Nitro i went back in line and waited another 25 minutes.Both rides were great and still tons of ejector and floater airtime.
Next up,Batman TR.I waited about 40 minutes for this one.When i reached the station,the train with the old shoulder harnesses required a ride op to manually open the restraints which i believe is what caused such a long wait.There were three trains running.Great but short ride as always.
I skipped the Chiller and gasm because i did not feel like leaving the park with a headache this time and,i didn't feel the need to ride skull mountain either so,trying to hang out til dark so i could ride Nitro at night,i took the long walk back to medusa and rode two more times.Shorter waits this time and the park was starting to empty out a bit.Finally after two more great rides on Medusa,it was dark enough to spring for Nitro.Riding at night was incredible and,i am so happy they did not put any lighting around the track after the lift hill.The cool air felt great after standing in the sun part of the day and,it felt as though Nitro was running faster with the cooldown.I did all this in 4 1/2 hours time,8 rides is not bad at all so,those who are going midweek the end of August,you should have even lighter crowds :)



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