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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 10:59 AM
Well, Ill just get to the rides. Dont want to tell you about the 30minute delay we had getting to the turnpike. Unfortunately, that was an indication of how the rest of the day went for us.

We arrive to the park to see $10 parking. Wow. We went from 6 dollars then 9 dollars now 10 bucks. Man, so we paid that and found the first parking spot we can find. I started tellin the fellas, maybe it wont be as crowded as we predict..LoL. Boy was I wrong. We get to the gate and flashed them our Season Pass from WoA and we were in.

SO, we get in see the signs and went right towards the Chiller and Batman:TR. We notice in the front the park was crowded, especially for the front. We get towards the chiller and what do we see...A FULL queue for the Batman side. We were like dayuum. So we queue up outside which seemed like forever. We finally make it to the building entrance and Im thinking, this must be like Mr. Freeze were you get in the building, go up some stairs and bam you in. Not the case here were you go through a long hallway only to go up a ramp and then your there. Dayuum, it seem forever.

So we finally get there. I was actually glad though, cause it was at least 90 that day. We sat in the middle and I was ready. I enjoyed Mr. Freeze cause it offered little headbanging and was a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Just this one has an inline twist. SO we get launched.....

Yeaaaa, up through the Top Hat and thats where it goes down hill from there. It was so bumpy I couldnt believe. Then we went through the incline twist which was terrible. Going backwards was worst. No matter how much I tried keeping my head back, that ride was determine to bang my head. I was very dissappointed..

SO, we leave the Chiller disappointed. We see B:TR up head so we head towards. Surprise what do we see, another FULL queue. This was even slower with 2 trains going. I swear the intervals they had going on here was like 5minutes. But of course, this ride delivered. Intense just like I remember it from Chicago. BTW, that was my 4th Batman Ride. So, Nitro is next door we decided to hit that. Line was out the entrance gate, so we wanted to wait. Since we were hungry we grab lunch at this place near the Nitro Photo Both.

While eating we notice it is VERY crowded today. So we knew we would be doing some serious standing. SO, after lunch we decided to look around the place. We see Skull Mountain and we got on that. And YES, the line was out the entrance.

So after it seemed forever to get to the station, we got on. I like this ride. Totally in the dark, but at one point I thought the ride was one continuous helix...

So we get off that ride. We were going to take the sky buckets. But again, the line for it was out the entrance and they were only operating 1 side. So we decided to move on. We notice this place has ALOT of flat rides. Wow. We passed by Evolution, but it wasnt working. It looks interesting. We get to the boardwalk part and it was packed. Also notice this is the only amusement park I know where they not only have a Ripcord type ride, but also have a ejector seat ride and that skyscraper type ride.

So, we keeping walking through what looked like a sea of people to get to the Scream Machine. We were like whateva..One, we already ridden 2 others like and plus, you guess it, the line was out the entrance...So, we go lookin for Medusa. We kept walking and walking intil we finally see the lift hill...Yeaaaa, but it still looked like it was far away.

We finally get to Medusa and YES the line for it was near the Cobra Roll. God, this is at least a 2hour wait. But I would like to commend the crew cause they were efficient and fast. This resulted in a 30minute wait. Medusa was good, it wasnt as intense as Kraken, but I place it above Batman:Knight Flight due to the zero g. Which is awesome. So, after a great ride on Medusa we had towards Rollin Thunder.

We see Viper and it looks like an interesting ride. Kinda looks like the Ultra Twister, at least from the pics of it...Anywayz, we hop on Rollin Thunder and I have mixed feelings on this ride. This ride had lots of airtime, but at the same time it was bumpier than a drive on 1-94 in michigan. I had a confused look when I got off. It was good, but..I dont know..

So, what Ive been on 5 rides in 6 hours. So, we realize we had to get on Nitro, cause the line will never go down. We queue up for that and like the Medusa crew, they were fast. I definitely give them their due, cause they were efficient and not BS unlike some other Six Flags crew.

We then strapped in and we are off. That is a huge hill I thought to myself. So, we get there had my hands up of course....Oh S**t..Wow. I was screaming and hollerin. Each hill produced ALOT of airtime and I mean alot. The helix was awesome. The mid-course brakes barley touch the train inwhich gave us wonderful air on the return home. This was my second favorite ride of the trip. What a rush...So we queue up again for one more ride then it was time to head out.

Overall impressions, this park can compete with CP with being the most crowded. Everything had a line. Even the concession stands for them nasty lookin Butterfly fries had a wait. The park is HUGE, with an abudance of flat rides. The most collection Ive ever seen. I dont know if Ill return, I may, just because of Nitro. But like CP, Ill avoid comin here on Saturday. Especially a hot saturday like it was that day.

Oops, this TR was pretty long......

Dayuum, Your HOT!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 12:49 PM
well you did not miss anything on viper, it is being torn down because its a VERY painful ride, rolling thunder is great when six flags greases the tracks you say it was 90 out if they did not grease it it gives a bumpy slow ride. shame how six flags ignores it.

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