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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 11:56 AM

well i over slept and got to the park around noon. headed over to nitro. wait time was about 20 minutes because they were only running 2 trains. then my frined got yelled at by the control booth operator for trying to get a reride in the empty seats. then headed voer to frointer city for some burgers.

after that we headed over to medusa,

Wait time 20 minutes for front row. got a nice ride on this beauty. then got on line again. wait time 7 minutes for middle row. this side of the park was a complete ghost town. Then went to

VIPER wait time: none

got one ride in the back row and one in the front. nobody understands why i like this ride. its just so freakin awesome.

then hit rotting lumber, was dissapointed that the left side was not running. we then headed over to

Great American Scream Machine. i came to belive this was my first time power riding a coaster. we got on this mad beast a whopping 12 times without getting up. the ride op kept telling everyone that this was the second highest vertical loop in the world. so i challenged him as we left the station. i asked him what the tallest was and he had this weird expression on his face. it was funny. i got off and told him waht it was.

next Dino Island: needed a break from coasters so we headed over to dino island. a nice show but needs to get rid of all the Mach 3 stuff still lying around.

then went over to the main plaza because we got a page from my friends mom that she was now in the park. so then we headsed with them voer to the

bucccaner. no wait for that little funny feeling in your stomach.

then went back to nitro and went on. got off and made a plan, my frind mom is scared of coasters, so we got off said hi to them at the entrance sign where they were, and lifted her and put her on the ride, the wait was about 3 trains. then we did the same for his sister. we got them both on and they loved it. then we were planning on leaveing

so we went past chiller and i saw that it was a walk on so i go into the station and wait 1 train and im on. i get off, see an empty seat, and go on, i do this 2 mnore time sot get a total of 4 strait launches on chiller.

we then headed home at about 8:15. a good day at the park.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 3:11 PM

WALK-ON CHILLER?!? Ohh wait, it was a monday.

God TR.

How much more floorless can they get?

Tuesday, June 4, 2002 3:30 PM
not just any monday, it was a monday NIGHT. that is when the park is really empty.

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