SFGADV 5/16 WOW!!!

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Today was a beautiful day in NJ so my girlfriend decided to head out to SFGADV for a few hours. (Season Pass holders)

WE got to the park around 3pm. Was really crowded and took a stroll through the Safari. Some people were feeding the animals and blocking all 3 lanes of traffics. ARGGG Oh well it was really fun! All the gate people waved and were very nice! I saw signs for Tiger Island coming this summer. I wonder if its the show from SFWOA. Anyone know more?

We headed into the park and the Season Pass entrance was yet closed again. Anyone know why this is?

We get in the park and wow music playing!!! Loud like when you go into Bushc Gardens! Made the park very enjoyable to enter.

We headed over to the Chiller and it wasn't running. :-( Oh well, only ride that wasn't open today.

Batman had a 45 minute wait. Skipped that Nitro had all the Q full so we skipped out on that for the time being.

Went over and watched Dolphin Discovery. Looks like they toned the show down. Last year the animals did a lot more tricks this year only a few.

The girly wanted to ride the ferris wheel so we did and I got some nice pictures of the park. The ride ops were stacking the wheel to. 4 minimum to a bucket. Very interesting! Anyone want to see them email me. After heading off the Ferris Wheel we discovered it was Christina Youth Day and thats why the park was packed.

Medusa was closed from 6-7 for Mass going on at the Stadium next to it. Headed over to Viper with an hour wait. Skipped that. Both sides of Rolling Thunder were running and racing!!!

Headed over to Superman with an hour wait. Jumped onto the Parachutes, yes they were open. Haven't been on them since I was a kid. Got a really nice pic of scream machine.

Was getting hungry so we left. I noticed a bunch of interesting things you usually don't see at SFGADV.

Nice employees
People sweeping trash up
Only one major ride not open
Almost all food stands open
Ride stacking
Music at the entrance
Characters out all day

All and all SFGADV is really coming around this year. Even though I got no coaster rides this trip, I had a lot of fun just walking around the park. It was clean and I dunno it was neat seeing what minor changes they have made.


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