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Sunday, May 13, 2001 8:11 PM
Went to the park today with two goals:give my mom a fun mother's day gift, and get her on Nitro.
well, i almost succeeded.
anyway, the park wasn't ridiculously busy today, but i knew it would be wise to get a fast lane pass for the big guns...
opened the day with Medusa at 12
Still a great ride, although she is getting rougher with age... but not too rough
then moved to rolling thunder.. it was an ok ride but just as abusive as always.(we really need a new woodie... :) )
and the op's were racing the cars, which made it more fun..
then my mom and sis wanted to see a few shows, so we saw the new Radioactive across from the chiller till it was time for our pass to chiller at 1:30
only blue was running and the line was enormous, thank god for fastlane...
at about this time though, i saw a problem.... a blue and yellow train stuck at the peak of a 230 foot hill
this sucks!!!!
Nitro was down for about 3 hours, give or take a few minutes...
anyway, i decided to wait for it to open, even though the very polite security and ride ops said it would be a WHILE....
my sis and mom went to check out the animal planet show, so it was cool with them..
well, my luck it reopened a lot sooner than they thought (i knew it would...) i imagine it was the same brake problem from before, but of course, no one knew anything....
anyway, got right on and got first row, second seat from left. i must say, after riding it twice before, once in the back, and once in the middle, the front takes the cake. i was rarely in my seat, and in fact thought for sure i was coming out...
anyway, that was about it.. didnt see anything resembling turbo force..
evolution was running the whole time..
oh yeah, the new season pass holder parking lot and new entrance is open
the lot is just where expected, next to rt and scream machine.. and the entrance is right next to the last turn on rolling thunder and leads to bugs bunny land...


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