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Sunday, April 8, 2001 1:14 PM
I've only been counting the days since 10/31/00 and Friday night I ended up in the hospital with difficulty breathing and rapid heart beat (Nitro anticipation?). I was so p***ed! FINALLY at 9:30 a.m. Sat. morning they discharged me and I went DIRECTLY to GAdv. (All the reports came back perfect so I wasn't taking a foolish gamble by going). Anyway, was very surprised by how few people were there. I was prepared to spend hours on line for Nitro, but my first ride's wait was only 1/2 hour. Saw my favorite ride op/manager while waiting on line and he was as enjoyably personable as ever...way to go, you know who you are!!! My friend and I ended up sitting in the middle section and we were most impressed by the freedom the lap restraint gave. No hands, the whole ride. We agreed when the ride was over that it was really smooth (b&m at it's finest) and really high, but too calm. We rode it again, middle section, then did Medusa (aaahhh Medusa!) then she did Evolution (which didn't run at all in 2000). It's definitely a spin and puke, so even though I was pumped full of Bonine, I knew to stay off. She agreed that I would have barfed! She also said she doesn't feel the need to ever do that one again. Then we ate some really horribly tough barbecued ribs by Nitro's exit. Can't recommend that stand's food at all! However, feeling comfortably full at least, we decided to wait the extra amount of time for Nitro's first row before leaving (I was afraid to overdo it so made it a short day). So we waited about 40 minutes, if that, and got into our front row seats. OK, hands up high...first drop, I almost pooped a pickle!!! You see nothing but the ground coming up at you. WOW WOW WOW WOW it's a whole different experience from there...no more Nitro really does kick serious butt! I LOVE IT! Then we bought 1 1/2 pounds of fudge near the entrance because we were going to give it to friends, but ended up eating almost all of it on the ride home because it was outrageously good, especially the cookies 'n' cream. Hope this makes his sales go up because it's just THAT good. Anyway, I'm not going to work tomorrow, going back for more Nitro. I figured the park would be really empty and I can get in several front row Nitro's and Medusa's. I just love SFGAdv!!!

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