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Sunday, April 22, 2001 3:41 PM
Let me just say this has been one of my best visits ever. I got there by opening, and the lines to get in were unusually short. In addition, it was very hot and sunny but it felt good. On to the rides!

Nitro - Best Ride there. I got 4 rides total - 1 front row, 2 back row, and 1 in the middle. The lines are very fast and are located next to B:TR, so you can keep busy by watching that. Also, theres a big gift shop for Nitro and I bought a big poster along with a tshirt.

Batman the Ride - WOW! This ride has improved so much, its almost as good as medusa. This Ride broke down 3 times, but the longest wait was 20 min. I cleverly ran to it after it broke down, and sat in the front row twice, middle once.

Batman the chiller - Robin still closed! This ride is ok if you want and have- a)time to kill for the line, b) a strong head, c) accelation. Otherwise, if the line is visible form outside, skip it.

GASM - Also improved a lot! The red and blue trains have brand new padding and restraints, making it half as painful. The trims on the first loop and the mid-course are on very lightly, and i dont think i felt them once.

Medusa - LONG LINE! I dont know why, but this one seems to appel to everyone in the park. Still a great ride, but it needs some TLC to its wheels.

Rolling thunder - Only the right side open. NO LINE, AND RERIDES! This side isnt as good as the other, but its very fun towards the end. Please, Six Flags, TLC to this one too!

Skull mountain - NO LINE! This was supprising because all the little kids go on this one. Its real fun, and it was nice and cool inside the dark.

Other rides - Evolution was up! It is real fun, and Its my faviorate flat ride there besides Twister. Mine Train was pretty weak, so go use your time on medusa. Twister is soooo fun, its the flipping ride by Dino Island, 3D.


While on line for Nitro, I glanced over at B:TR's station breaks, and underneath were about 3 trucks of what looked like pieces of Intamin track with either LIMS or Brake Units on the side. I know that this wasnt a ladder, because I saw the place where the wheels come over the top rail. Could we be getting a vertical velocity, or an intamin looper???
Monday, April 23, 2001 6:54 AM
My husband hasn't said anything about a new job there but,i will ask him tonight when he gets home from work.His company pours all the concrete footings for the new rides and usually,Great adventure lets his company know ahead of time when they are going to need them for a big pour so they get first priority deliveries.


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