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Well, so today I decided to go to Great Adventure with my girlfriend, Kim. Woke up around 9 A.M., left at 9:15, and picked her up. We got there around 9:50. So we head into the park, looking pretty crowded for an early season day.

Kim needed to get her pass validated so we headed over toward the season pass processing building. I realized that if we wait any longer the line for Superman would be insane, so we decided to head over to Superman. We ended up waiting 15 minutes anyway even though the park was open for only 10 minutes. Both trains were operating and it seemed to be running pretty fast. Kim and I hopped into the last row as everyone was stupid and bunched up toward the front. This ride is really fun, what else can I say besides it makes that dream of flying almost come true. The pretzel loop just totally flips you around, what an element. Pure genius. After Superman we went to the season pass processing building. I waited for her for 10 minutes and when she was getting her picture taken, (I had already done mine at CAD) I noticed a booth with souvenir cups so I asked what they were. It turns that there is this "special deal" for pass holders only. If you buy a souvenir cup for 2 dollars (+ tax) you get 2 refills for free. A 13 dollar value for 2 dollars. How can you beat it and since i planned on staying the whole day I said I might as well take advantage of the deal.

After we got that done and out of the way, we decided to check out the new Sponge Bob ride. We lined up, got the 3D glasses and waited in the entrance room. Now Kim is obsessed with Sponge Bob. I mean, her shoe laces have Sponge Bob on them. Ok, so anyway, we watched the beginning thing and then the doors open and we sit down and let me say this ride is not a kids ride. This is just as intense as the Right Stuff simulator. It was very fun and Kim and I enjoyed it very much.

Next we headed over too Scream machine. This was a walk on. any people complain of this ride being to rough, but if you ride it the right way its very fun and intense. This coaster sure does give a good ride after all these years. Next we decided to head over to Nitro since we would try to get it out of the way because we didn't want to wait a long time for it later in the day. So we got there and walked up to the steps. There was a small line. And also at this time we started to realize that half the park was taken up by Jews. Not being racist or anything, there was probably a big group or something there. Anyway, we waited for back seat about 10 minutes. Wow, this ride gets better every time you ride it. You just float over the top of the lift hill and the drop in the back seat. It was also a lot better riding in warmer weather and not in the rain. (I was at CAD and it was FREEZING!, ask ApolloAndy, I had the pleasure to ride in the same train with him for a few laps on Nitro.) After we got off we noticed 2 empty seats in row 8 so we hopped back on. Not as good as the back but still amazing.

Next we decided to head over to Batman. Well, Batman looks so much better with the new paint job. Although you might think, why yellow?, it really gives a nice look to it. The trash and everything is all clean as many of you already know. The ride itself, IMO feels a lot smoother than it used too. I don't know if its because of the paint or because of something else, but it seems to be running a lot faster and smoother. This ride gives one of the most intense rides in the park, it never stops. We didn't get to ride it then because it broke down and we didn't feel like waiting then. So it was about 12 o'clock and I was hungry so I decided to eat. I got some Mozzarella Sticks. Yummy, although they were 5 dollars for 6 sticks, but what can you do. And then out of nowhere, Batman : Chiller launches out, goes half way up the top hat and then back down. Now it did this about 15-20 times. Probably just testing the LIM's and stuff.

Then we decided to go over Stuntman's Freefall because that too started testing. It wasn't open so we sat down for 5 minutes and decided to wait. Then it just stopped testing and shut down. So we decided to walk to the other side of the park and took a ride on Spin Meister. This is a fun ride, gotta love it. As soon as I got off of the ride I noticed Chiller was running at full speed and it was a pretty sight, although it never opened the whole day, I'm glad their trying to get up and running for later in the season.

Now by this time in the day things started getting crowded. We went over towards skull mountain because my girlfriend wanted to go on it, but the line was way too long so we decided to wait for the skyride. This must be the longest and slowest wait ever. 20 minutes for the skyride. Well we waited and then we got on. Got to the other side of the park and walked over to Medusa, saw a huge line and walked away. Headed over to Rolling Thunder, started drizzling and then it broke down. Viper was closed, whats new. We headed over to Taz Twister. Fun ride, couldn't walk straight after, lots of fun. Then we headed back to Scream Machine for another ride on that. Waited 15 minutes, got on somewhere in the back. After you go on it enough it doesn't hurt at all.

It started to rain a little heavier so we decided to go to Batman see if it was running and it was. Unfortunately there was a huge line, but we decided to wait anyway. Waited 45 minutes, but we stayed inside until the rain stopped. This ride really packs such a punch. Passed Chiller, still wasn't open. Took a nice walk over to Medusa and decided to wait this time. Only about 25 minutes. We were going to wait for the front, but then decided not to and just got on the 4th row. This ride still is a lot of fun. I really love it's elements. First ride on it this year, and it was a glorious one.

We then went back to Rolling Thunder and waited about 20 minutes because there was only one train operating now, which was the green one. They had taken the yellow train off of the track. So we got 2nd train, 3rd row. Wow, this ride hurts! Rolling Thunder, being my first coaster, really needs some help. IMO they should get rid of it and put in a new woddie there. Something like Lightning Racers. I think that would be awesome.

At this time we got hungry again so my girlfriend wanted to get those Mozzarella sticks so we went back toward batman. I got a slice of pizza. Yummy, I was starving. Then we saw Batman's line reduced immensely. So we waited 10 minutes got on front row line and it broke down. Waited another 10 minutes and got on, but it was so worth it. It also started pouring and I'm glad we were in the front because going up the lift hill everyone gets wet from the cars in front of them except the first car. This was the best ride on Batman I have ever had. It was just breathtaking. Then it was pouring so we just decided to go. We had a fun time at the park, wish I could have gotten some more rides on Nitro and Medusa, but I'll wait until next time.

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One word...Kingda Ka...wait thats two...
Man, it sounds like a lot of rides were down!

It is early in the season htough, so they have have a little time to work it out....

By the sounds of it, it seems like Chiller should be running sometime soon! Im hoping.....

Great TR!

They almost always switch to one train operation in the rain on RT because of the skid brakes.

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