SFGADV 4-8-01

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Sunday, April 8, 2001 1:54 PM
Got to park and let me tell you the trip was a huge dissa[pointment the rides i rode i my few short hours of misery(normally a great parks but the weather was unbearable).

Medusa-10/10 front row felt like my face was going to freez excellent ride does all the things a loopin coaster should do

Runaway Train -1/10 stopped at the top of the hill very mild

Nitro -10/10 Woah baby what a drop! what a ride just awesome best coaster i have been on

Skull Mountain - 3/10 good first drop too short and tame

Great American Scream Machine - 7/10 Not much headbanging very disorienting good looping coaster

Escape From Dinosaur Island - 6/10 Good 3-d

Twister - 6/10 Fun spinning ride

Giant Wheel - 2/10 Ferris Wheel C,mon

Chaos -6/10 Good spinning ride lots of motion in your own car by rocking it back and forth

I love this park just when i was there today everything was down Rolling Thunder started running then broke, Batman the ride the were doing something running it empty but it was closed.Also closed the chiller and stuntmans freefall
This Park will be mcuh better in the summer NITRO BABY!

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