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Sunday, March 31, 2002 6:05 AM

SFGAdv is my home park so of course on opening day my dad and I gathered our things and went out to Great Adventure. The weather was beautiful and the park wasn't too crowded so we knew we would have a great time. The first thing we planned on doing was getting our season pass and then head over to ride the Batman side of Chiller. Sure enough when we got to the gate it said Chiller was down so we headed over to Dino Island to purchase our pass. The line was all the way down the boardwalk but it moved fast unlike last year.

Now that we had our pass we headed to our first ride of the season which was Viper. I had only rode this once but liked it so I was excited but my dad thought it would hurt. We waited about 3 trains for the middle and off we went. The ride was rougher then I remember it and not really as fun as I thought but I still enjoyed it and wasn't sore at all.

Next we headed over to Medusa which would have been a 5 minute wait but the ride was having problems and after cycling through about 15 empty trains we decided to head over to Nitro.

We finally walked all the way across the park to Nitro and it was about a 2 train wait for the back. The ride was just as good as last year if not better. It was smooth as glass and fast as could be. We rode it 2 more times in the back because at Great Adventure you have to take advantage when there is no line.

Next it was over to Batman The Ride where a normal hour wait turned into a 2 train wait for the back. The ride was just as it always was smooth fast and very intense. It still remains to be one of my favorite inverts. Now I can't wait to ride Raptor this summer.

Next we headed to GASM but on the way we took a look at the new Batman train with lap bars. Yes you could see the train even though the ride was shut down because it obviously had a roll back because it sat in between the top hat and the 0 g roll.

Anyway we headed to GASM and waited about 5 minutes for the front. It would have been shorter but they were running one train. GASM was a rough ride as always but in my opinion its one of the best coasters there. I felt no pain getting off but if you look at the shorter peoples ears i think they did.

Next we headed to Medusa again but we decided to pass because the line was about a half hour due to the breakdown earlier.

My dad decided he wanted to try a front ride on Viper so we headed there and waited 3 trains for the front. The ride was alot rougher in the front. So rough that it knocked my dad's hat off. I still had a painless ride because you don't hit anything but the front was a little rough for me. After that we decided to call it a day so we went home.


We decided to go to the park again the next day because it was about 70 degrees out and only 20 minutes from my house.

As we got to the gate all the coasters were operating exept Chiller which is the main reason I wanted to come back so soon.

The first coaster we went to was Nitro and we waited about 2 trains for the back after a breif break down. The ride was just as good as yesterday but a little better I thought because I rode in short sleeves. We took 2 more back seat rides and after the 3rd one the lady next to be said that was awesome but not a MF. I guess I'll see for myself this summer.

Next it was to Batman The Ride which was so deserted we got 2 front rides without leaving the station and 3 back rides without getting off.

We decided to look at Chiller again and the train sat exacly where it was yesterday and I decided to sneak in the exit and to my surprise Robin wasn't in there or on the transfur track.

We left after that because we didn't want to walk to the other side of the park. I can't wait to go back next weekend.

*** This post was edited by Medusafanatic on 3/31/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Medusafanatic on 3/31/2002. ***


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