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Monday, October 28, 2002 5:56 AM

I've been going to Great Adventure for years, and I have never seen it so crowded as yesterday. There was a 20 minute wait just to get into the parking lot at about noon, and navigating the lot was a challenge, with the Superman construction. Thankfully I did not have to buy a ticket, as that line looked to be at least a half hour. However, it was another half hour to get through security. Now I never buy the fastlane/qbot because I have never needed it, but that was a bad call. Nitro was already a 40 minute wait, with the line almost out of the queue area. However, as usual the wait was worth it. Here were the lines we encountered

Skull Mountain 45 mins

Mine Train 30 mins

Medusa 60 mins

Both Batman rides had lines out of the queue area

Just after dark we went to the hayride, to see the line extending out past the Ferris Wheel, so we decided to give Nitro a shot after dark.

Nitro's line was extended into the sideshow area on the way to the Chiller, and I estimated about 65 mins. I was wrong. It got very cold quick, and a bunch of fights broke out on line, with a lot of smokers and line jumpers. The ride in pitch black was great but not worth a 2 hour wait.


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